Attrition is gone, this is unbelievable

I guess 343 will never learn from their mistakes.
You’ve recieved so much backlash for removing Fiesta. BTB is still broken, the game is plagued by desnyc issues, the game has barely any content, the game has barely any social feature.

And you really make the same mistake once again and remove the only new gamemode you had brought to the table? This has to be a joke?


Idk attrition was pretty boring imo, 4 minutes games


They won’t keep every game mode from every event. Can you imagine the quantity of playlists there’ll be in 10 years.

The backlash over Fiesta was because Fiesta is something that’s been in Halo for years and shouldn’t have been removed and should have been one of the many playlists present at launch.

If Infection comes up in an event and then disappears after, the Infection guys will kick off as much, but not over Attrition.

My guess is, modes such as this will find themselves in a mixed social playlist, either part of an action sack type or hopefully a separate social playlist designed to be truly social, not just an AR/sidekick version of ranked. This could also contain multiteam, KoTH and shotty snipes etc - things that are proper game types (not mongoose sumo or paintball etc) but completely different to ranked arena.


That’s not really the point. People don’t have to like every gamemode. The problem is that there is barely anything to play, Attrition does offer a slightly different experience.

The thing is, we’re not 10 years into the lifespan right now. The game launched 3 months ago.
I think we can agree that having “too much content” is not one of the issues we have right now.


No, there definitely is not “too much content”. I was bored and complaining within the first week.

What I’m saying is they won’t keep novelty playlists in their own playlists beyond events because they want the novelty of the event playlists to create hype and there will be too many in the future.

If they start continuing game modes after the events now, they’ll have to stop doing so at some point. Which is why I said they’ll hopefully create a new social mixed bag of good social gametypes that create an obvious difference and sits between Action Sack and Arena.

To spell it out further

  • Ranked Arena - as now
  • Social Arena - CTF, Strongholds, Oddball (slayer? Separate issue)
  • Social Mashup - Shotty Snipes, Multi team, Attrition, Elimination, Breakout, KoTH, that personal teleport Portal type thing etc and ex-event modes that have an arena feel but not as cuckoo as Action Sack.
  • Action Sack - Paintball, Snowball Fight, Mongoose Sumo (all these used as examples, we need fresh ones!)

This would keep population high in all playlists, not wear modes thin and make it easy for them to put ex-events into rotation.


All the Attrition variants are still in Custom Games, including Fiesta Attrition if you just enjoy suffering. Still, for a game lacking modes and still broken BTB, they could have kept Attrition. They only added the other modes as a bandaid because they knew BTB would be broken for months, and couldn’t just have Ranked and Quick Play as the only options


I will admit I don’t really get the point of removing the game modes after the event is over? Honestly, you’re just taking choices away from people…

I actually find Fiesta, even with how broken it can be, rather fun to play even outside of the event. It’s probably the best way to use weapons you normally don’t use and figure out what makes them useful. I’m actually starting to like the Commando now that I realize you shouldn’t be holding down the fire button on it, but tap firing it.


this aint 2032. right now we have a super shallow game with less content than any other halo, besides maybe like ce or 2 dropped with. nobody wants 343 to remove these gamemodes, just like fiesta, and insteada learnin they just do it again. probably cause 343 doesnt understand what learnin is


Yeah but as bare bones as the game is now there’s just no good reason to be removing playlists or game types at this point. I’m sad attrition is gone too


I wish people would have the patience to read more than one line before replying

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Extra playlist mentioned above fixes both


i did and theres literally nothing there other than what you think are proper game types

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I agree there’s no content but adding a separate playlist every week with novelty game modes will not help.

They need the staples, then a mixed bag playlist to keep fresh and keep the numbers up playing them.

Adding more and more will not help.

I completely agree it should stay but do a mixed bag to keep population.

I’m saying have more not less

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They’ve been doing this since 2012. They’re never going to listen.

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FTFY :slightly_smiling_face:

These short games were perfect for people who wanted to just hop in and play with no real time obligation.

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It’s meant to be a ranked mode.

343 commented on it earlier.


I dont agree that fiesta should have been in at launch. For the entirety of H3 if was only a double xp playlist that appeared one weekend per month or less. Halo 5 made it a permanent playlist since social playlists like social slayer and social arena couldnt hold healthy player population because of how sweaty that game was.

I would have rather had other staples like koth, assualt and ffa objective modes in at launce

This is the text of that tweet:

'Hey Spartans!

*The team is going to bring back Attrition in a more consistent manner such as its own playlist or part of a new one down the road. *

Thanks for playing and providing feedback on its debut. We love the mode too and we’re happy to see such a positive response to it.’