Attrition is a little disappointing

I’m not sure this works for halo. I’ve played quite a few games now and haven’t seen anyone be revived. Halo isn’t like destiny where you
can have 4v1 and someone pop a super and swing momentum and revive the fallen. As soon as it’s 4v3 in halo, it’s basically over. The maps need to be bigger. They should just give a set amount of lives and that’s it. The ring has never been a factor in any of my matches. Also, I apologize to all my teammates, I’m trying to get sidearm kills.


I’ve seen plenty of players getting revived. It isn’t going to happen if your teammates are dying in exposed open areas. If they die in tight spaces, or if you get your hands on an ‘active camo’ it is a lot easier to do.

I prefer this ‘event mode’ over ‘Tenrai Fiesta’ any day of the week, I can’t stand ‘Fiesta!’


Yeah I just had to go play about 10 matches just to get a single revive for a challenge… why this wasn’t played on BTB maps is beyond me.

As usual, great idea but terrible execution from 343.

They clearly didn’t test this, yet again.

Honestly, the sooner ms gives this franchise to another studio the better. It’s as if 343 are going out of their way to make bad decisions in infinite now.


I agree that this is better that fiesta, I’m sure we all do. But there is no denying that trying to revive others to win the match is a fantasy dream; it will never happen. Whoever has the least amount of players will always lose so revives are irrelevant

Idk what kind of lobbies you’re getting thrown into, but every match I played last night revives were happening.

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I like the game mode, but it’s features get lost when the round is always over before they can be taken advantage of.

The round is over about 90% of the time before the danger zone even shows up.

More importantly the reviving of your teammates needs to be sped up a bit. With the pace of how Halo plays and especially having the motion sensor on, there is no balance to reviving your teammates. You have to hope that your enemy is a complete dunce and never notices you near them while trying to find your team.

Speed up the revive time. Maybe bring danger zone in sooner.

The penalty of being immobilized after a teammate revives you doesn’t help either.

The fact too, that this game mode is played on regular maps with the same weapon and vehicle spawns shows they didn’t test this much.

Breakout and Extermination played so much better than this!