Attrition in QuickPlay

I really wanna enjoy Attrition and QuickPlay but these 2 do not mix. Yes I know QuickPlay has more game modes but when it comes to the type of gameplay and how sweaty you need to be, every game mode besides Attrition is pretty much similar. Which is why I think people tend to quit from Attrition pretty much every time I play a match or hell before the match even starts its people quitting.

My simple solution is just make it its own playlist again like it was during the CyberShowdown event which should mean code wise its already in the game or it exist in some manner and maybe think about making it a ranked play list as well. This way it should be easy to implement and that the flow of quickplay gameplay can remain consistent enough that quitting should start to take a noticeable decline.

And hopefully Attrition can shine like it should because the people playing are actually choosing to play it and are mentally ready for the sweat and intensity that comes with this type of game mode.


Yeah i don’t like attrition at all. Don’t know why it was forced into quickplay for no reason

I understand its so different from all the other gametypes in QP and they already had it as its own playlist beforehand.


Same here. I dont like Attrition at all. Im not quitting when Attrition is selected, but i put zero effort when playing Attrition.

In my opinion it belongs there, but what needs attention is the QP itself - why can’t you choose what gametypes you want in your QP search? They do it in MCC, it shouldn’t be that hard. And I’m not buying the whole population issue/long queue time excuse.

It literally makes zero sense that I should have to wait and hope for a specific gamemode in QP. ESPECIALLY since a lot of challenges are mode-specific.

343i, stop this nonsense please. Focus on player experience and friendly UI, so everyone have a blast playing what they love.

You have to try and make sense of it all somehow, because at first glance, it makes no sense to force players to draw random gametypes from a hat like Ranked or Rumble Pit or QuickPlay and more when they are told to complete specific things by the only progression system in the game, Challenges. 343 has said it’s because they purposely designed a limited UI for Halo Infinite… why would they do this? Players have hated the way 343 handled Halo playlists since this company came out of the womb, so it’s really no surprise that these stooges still haven’t improved on that problem.

They either designed the playlists to be limited because Infinite is a Free to Play game and what we got now is all 343 was ever willing to give in the first place. Or maybe they designed it based off of the low player population that has plagued Halo games since Halo 4 or maybe 343 just didn’t want to bite off more than they can chew, so they purposely had limited playlists to give their crews more time to work? I think this is just how 343 works, they don’t understand Halo and they are pretenders. 343’s motto is: fake it until you make it.

Attrition is a lot like Breakout from H5. That also had its own dedicated playlist (a ranked one at that!) It’s an elimination gamemode, not slayer.

It needs its own playlist. Or at least be put on a rotational on like KotH, LG and Snipers.

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omg i forgot about Elimination haha