Attrition Game Settings are pretty lack luster

The game mode is pretty interesting for a halo game. I just wish that the default maps got some love. Having 4 Spnkr rockets on Bazzar and Streets is ridiculous.

It’s supposed to be cyber shown-down, why not mix it up? How about sentinel beam starts or some kind of neon version of the game type?

Also the game kinda just feels like slayer up until the last minute. Why not make the respawns longer, or allow people to be revived on each death to up the tension.


I agree: this would have been a great opportunity to start the player with Hardlight weapons. Super fun idea.

Another thought: reviving is way too slow. Given the speed of Halo Infinite, this should be like Destiny 2 speed to keep it competitive.

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This game is so incredibly dull. Just a slightly different way to grind challenges like always.

Blizzard pretty much overhauls Overwatch for every event. Changes the game loads and reels players back in.

Like you said they didn’t even have the foresight to not have 4 rockets spawn on these maps. Lazy af


How about don’t stick the banshee and warthog in a game mode where you have limited lives. How about don’t join people in progress in this game type

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I don’t like how You basically have to be losing to complete half of the challenges and the achievement that require revives. Kind of half baked.

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Yes, good point. I was shocked the BANSHEE was in the game. It’s just the default Quick Play settings ontop of a new “game-type”.

the challenges are dumb. they should always be about winning/ performing well

it does just feel llike extremelyy short slayer matches and the revive mechanic barely comes into play. something similar to execution from gears of war with spawns would have been more fun.

Basically, you kill someone and you have to go over to their orb and destroy it to score points. the enemy can also quickly revive it or the orb will dissapear in 8 seconds and the dead player will respawn. when you score 8 points from destroying orbs, the respawns stop and you have to kill the remaining players.