Attrition Challenges - Melees?

Is it just me, or is there an inordinate amount of melee-based challenges? It seems like every other challenge I’ve had has been melee or back-smacks.


I got those too although I’m cool with melee.

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The back smacks are the stupid one. It’s so situational, and often times you’re letting your teammates die because instead of shooting an enemy, you’re trying to close the gap and grab their -Yoink!- instead.

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The melee challenges are in my opinion way to situational for a gamemode like attrition, if it is team slayer or something its fine but not in attrition, in 4 hours of playing I have gotten 1 melee kill, I need another 8 and 3 back smacks in my challenges

My bigger issue with backsmacks is that they may not register if your criteria nets you a different medal. Backsmacks on cloaked or shielded enemies, for example. I’ve also grapple assassinated people a few times and none of them tracked.

Also extremely map dependant.
Behemoth will not yield many melee kills.
Neither did I get many in Live Fire and Bazaar.
The other two, the street one and… Recharge? I got most melees there.
The backsmack ones were a nightmare.

I did however spend maybe five hours trying to get 20 and 15 Sidekick kills. I managed to stack two identical challenges, one for 20 and one for 15 Sidekick kills.

No I’m not the best player, and my aiming isn’t what I’d like it to be.
But I found it difficult to perform when allies mowed down enemies with the AR, and that the game always registered one less than I got.
Twice did I get the pistol medal for five pistol kills, but it only progressed four.
Two or three games where I got one kill with the sidekick.

I got a challenge requiring 25 melee kills in an elimination mode! Unless you play like a complete scrub it’s going to be very difficult to finish. I’m averaging 1 melee kill per game because I generally keep my distance from the enemies. There is no reason to go for melee kills if you play to win.

My last 3 challenges were 1x backsmack, 10x melee and 25x melee…this doesn’t include at least one other melee related challenge which I completed during the weeks challenge (think it was 3x backsmacks).