Attrition - An S-Tier Gamemode Held Back by AR Starts

I understand the need for AR starts in some of the social settings, but why is BR start ONLY reserved for ranked? Attrition would have been a great opportunity to put a BR in folks hands in a more social setting to learn the ropes. Not to mention, in an elimination style game mode, it only makes things more exciting when you have a precision rifle in your hands.


If you want to use the BR right of spawn there’s almost always a pickup in the immediate spawn area.


They might add ranked attrition. Get the community to make some noise and they’ll listen.


Honestly! I’d really like this in ranked!


Please no, this is the worst gamemode ever brought forth by 343.


What really sucks is that the sweats over-populate the mode. So BR starts would be a proper nerf to them.

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That’s not sweats, that’s SBMM in a social playlist.

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I like AR starts, but I’d like a BR/AR gamemode mixed in like in H3.

Agree, Attribution would have been a good opportunity to start with BR and test reaction.
But revives takes way too long. Should 2-3 seconds at max.
Map Behemoth doesnt play well in this gamemode.


To be fair, does Behemoth play well for ANY game mode? :slight_smile:


6v6 mid-team battles?

It works in social CTF with the vehicles.
Its a pain in ranked CTF.


Yes, Behemoth seems to be a map that would fit 6 vs 6.

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Besides Fiesta, where have you found those game modes???

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In time they will be out, and then Behemoth will be ideal for said modes.

I really like the concept of the ‘revive’ mechanic. Makes me feel like some sort of ‘Halo’ ‘Combat Medic.’

For those who are old school ‘SWG’ fans:

Yeah it’s not the best. Gametype is great on paper but AR/Sidekick starts for it is poor. I would play an unhealthy amount of it with BR starts or even just varied. Like 50% BR, 30% AR/Sidekick, 10% Commando, 10% Heatwave.

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I don’t mind the AR starts but an AR start would help make the mode sweatier.

Just add Attrition to Ranked so people can stop making these BR start threads. I don’t care about Ranked. I don’t care what Ranked players want. BR in Attrition would just be a worse Tactical Slayer, because people would be extreme camping, making the game drag out until the border shrinks, then it becomes a trash fest of people quickly trying to get to the middle before the wall kills them, while also not being stomped by the other team. 5 minutes of sitting, and 60 seconds of chaos. Sounds awful. Put it in Ranked anyway.


a: it’s a SOCIAL playlist
and b: once someone has the br, no reason to pick up the ar. especially in a mode like attrition.

if anything, to please eveeryone. after the event, the mode should stay (most seem to enjoy it a lot, myself included) ar starts for the social playlist. and br starts for ranked/comp