Attention: Those without spec. codes still

I’ve been in chat with someone from Xbox Support for the last little bit, and here are the details I’ve been given:

  • I explained to the representative that my email address is still valid and still receiving email, but no email was received in either the inbox or spam folder.

  • He asked if I was sure I met the qualifications, so I told him that I’m a US resident, over 17 years of age and had been playing the game since its midnight launch.

  • I extrapolated that I didn’t receive a first or second message in my gamertag’s messages either. The representative had me sign out on my console, and delete my profile only (NOT profile and items), then redownload my profile to see if it was a XBL server hiccup causing the problem. It was not, I still didn’t have a message.

  • I was mostly linked back to the threads here, but I did explain several times that my concerns weren’t addressed by the threads on these forums.

  • After an hour or so in the chat, I was given this:

Jeremy: I’m really sorry about this, Vincent. I have argued long and hard with our back end support team but I’m afraid there’s no escalation path we can use here from our end. The only possible solution for this is for you to get in touch with 343 through the forums.
Jeremy: In order for your post to be recognized, avoid putting in account details, just try to discuss your situation, reference the posts you made on that official link I gave you earlier.
Just remind 343 about your situation, Vincent. It could be your account was overlooked.

[That link he referenced took me to the spec code thread that’s now closed, but I guess there’s also the blog]

So, I was sent from this forum to support, and from support to this forum. At this point I’m guessing that there is no obtaining of a spec code that can be done. If we didn’t get them, we didn’t get them, and will have to wait until specializations are available to everyone, even if we met qualifications.

To the moderator: This isn’t a complaint post. This is me chronicling my experience with Xbox Live support, whom you referred me to, thereby making this not a duplicate thread of any other specialization code thread on this forum (at least not that I know of). This is me reminding 343 of my situation, exactly as told to do so by Xbox Live support. Please do not lock this thread and copy-paste the same thread that no longer has anything to do with my problem, please.

To the people in the same boat as me: I’m sorry if you’re disappointed, I am a little bit too. The forums direct us to Xbox support, but there’s nothing the guys at support can do about it as Jeremy made clear to me. So, making new threads about it is most likely pointless, but that’s because I don’t think it will get us anywhere. A window for creating the codes or something is probably closed now, possibly? I don’t know. Be respectful, don’t make random outbursts and don’t yell. Everything will be fine, we’ll just have to wait longer, is all.

I’m completely willing to post the entire log of my chat with the representative, if anyone wants it. It’s a bit long, to warn you.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that Xbox Support directs us to Waypoint while, not that I got something against it, the main thread regarding this issue is locked?

I think you should post it, would make for interesting reading…

Well, I guess that mostly depends upon if you’ve worked a customer service job before. I was QA at a third party who handled customer service for places like Bank of America for 7 years and it wasn’t uncommon that issues would crop up related to people’s credit cards or debit cards that our representatives would be completely in the dark about until almost a full week later.

These kinds of things happen. It’s not the Xbox support people’s fault: I highly doubt anyone who runs this forum sent out a memo to every individual vendor (or does Microsoft do its own customer service in-house? I don’t know, never asked) who handles the customer service calls to inform them before locking the thread.

That guy spent over an hour just looking up information for me, and for that much I’m appreciative.

Appreciate the information. Thanks given.

That said, we, as the community, really shouldn’t have to “wait longer”. I’m all for patience, but I have several friends who are capped at 70 right now and eagerly awaiting their codes. One of our friends got his code. There’s a strong hint of jealousy growing within the group. They’re all stuck with just two specializations. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t affect gameplay, but it does. We simply can’t be as effective a vehicle driver, or gunner, as he can. We can’t reroll our crummy Grenade/Needler/Speed ordinance when we’re on a BTB map. We can literally lose DMR duels because our aims get thrown off. And we have no idea when we’ll be able to actually get those perks.

Not having specializations is going to become a big deal and a gamebreaker between the haves and have-nots. This has been a series of ugly mess-ups, and it is quite unfortunate, but 343 needs to do the right thing and just release the specs for everyone. The LE owners won’t be slighted–They’ve had up to a month (barring time spent leveling) with near-exclusive access to the specializations. Anyone who actually got a code has had almost two weeks.

The shiny, special factor has had its time to put people in the spotlight. It’s time to own up, make amends, and unlock the specs.

What in the actual -Yoink-?

Chat with the represenative ahead:

Jeremy: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Jeremy. Please give me a moment to review your question.

Vincent: Hi there

Jeremy: Hi Vincent!

Vincent: How’s your night going?

Jeremy: I understand you were not able to receive the free Halo 4 specialization codes from the promotion, is this correct?

Vincent: That is correct

Jeremy: It’s going great, thanks for asking. And yours?

Vincent: Not too bad, enjoying myself.

Jeremy: Great! About the specialization code, are you confident your gamertag account qualified for it?

Vincent: Yes.

Vincent: I’m 25, a US resident and played the game on launch

Vincent: My email is valid, as well, but I never got anything.

Vincent: If there’s any info or anything I need to provide, just let me know

Jeremy: I see. Have you checked on any alternate contact email address, checked the Spam/Bulk folders of your email address?

Vincent: I checked all 3 of mine, and checked the spam folders as well

Vincent: It was also stated that the codes were sent to the Xbox Live message centers, but I never got either of those messages either, somehow

Jeremy: Yes, Vincent. After 343 confirmed all qualified accounts were already emailed the code, there were some accounts that did not receive it due to technical difficulties, mainly invalid email address or things like that.

Vincent: Hrm. Well, I can definitely assure that mine is valid if it’s the one I use to log in with

Jeremy: About a couple of days after the update, 343 confirmed they will be sending messages on the consoles of those who have not received theirs.

Vincent: Sending? Future tense? I thought they claimed to have sent all the codes already, not that they were still on their way

Jeremy: Ah, yes, I was talking about the update as 343 worded it a week ago. Sorry for the confusion.

Vincent: It’s okay, don’t worry

Jeremy: Supposedly all qualified accounts have already received theirs, either by email or through console message.

Jeremy: Were you online at all the first few days of December?

Vincent: And through November as well, yes

Vincent: I’m 8 years older than 17, and I do live in the US

Jeremy: Thank you for confirming. Let me check other sources here for us. Please bear with me for a minute.

Vincent: Sure, take your time

Jeremy: Thanks for waiting, Vincent.

Vincent: No problem, sir

Jeremy: Just want to ask, have you posted your information on the official forum for the Halo 4 specialization code?

Vincent: Yeah, I posted in that thread about 5 or 6 times over the last week

Vincent: It’s locked now, though

Vincent: I asked on the forum for assistance and my thread got locked too with the mod directing me to the last post of the aforementioned thread.

Vincent: Which, that didn’t really help seeing as how I didn’t even get the 1st or 2nd ‘reminder’ message in my xbox live messages…

Jeremy: It’s really strange, if your account qualifies you should have received the message on your console at least. Have you checked all console messages you received from last week?

Vincent: I haven’t received a message since December 4th, and that was from my friend

Jeremy: I’m currently checking with our back end support team for other options for you.

Vincent: Sure, thanks a bunch

Vincent: Lol, last time I messaged xbox support my tag wouldn’t show up. Nice to see that’s not a permanent problem

Jeremy: That’s strange, it should not have happened.

Vincent: I figured as much.

Vincent: It was the last time I messaged about this particular problem too, lol.

Jeremy: Please give me a bit more time, Vincent. I’m double checking all references I can get a hold of.

Vincent: Sure, again, take your time

Jeremy: Thanks for waiting, Vincent. I have checked with our back end support department about your situation.

Jeremy: I’m afraid all updates forwarded to us by 343 is closed, it says all qualified accounts have already been sent the codes via email or as a console message.

Jeremy: If your accounts qualify, you should have received at least the email. Have you recently changed the email address of your qualified gamertag?

Vincent: No, it’s been the same for all 5 years of my gamertag, I’m pretty sure

Jeremy: In this case the only option we have left is for you to get in touch with 343 moderators, Vincent.


Jeremy: Plesae check on this official update for the Halo 4 Specializations. The latest update provided was 12/11/12.

Vincent: I see. Any thread I make on the subject on their forums is getting locked, and unfortunately I’m being given no information (hence actually contacting Xbox support). The topmost blog entry is actually the last post made in the spec code thread, which I was linked to by a mod but it doesn’t help

Vincent: Unfortunately, I checked my XBL messages after seeing that post, and I still have no new message.

Vincent: My last message is still from December 4th. It’s okay to tell me if I’m SOL, lol

Jeremy: Please try and redownload your gamertag profile, Vincent. Use the “Delete Profile Only” option to be sure.

Vincent: Um, how exactly do I do that?

Jeremy: Sign off any gamertag from your console.

Jeremy: Restart the console, then go to Settings, Storage, Hard Drive, Gamer Profiles, select your gamertag, then select “Delete Profile Only”.

Jeremy: After that, go to Social, Sign In or Out, then scroll right to Download Profile. Use the email address and password for your gamertag.

Vincent: Okay, give me just a moment

Vincent: Okay, I redownloaded it and signed back in

Jeremy: Redownloading the profile will refresh the profile information saved on your console. Along with it, it will also access all latest profile update from our Live servers.

Vincent: Okay

Jeremy: Do you see any new messages on your dashboard? Just wanted to check if maybe it was clogged on Live server end.

Vincent: Nope, last one was still from a friend on December 4th

Jeremy: How about messages before that? around December 3 perhaps?

Vincent: November 28. That was my last one before that.

Jeremy: I see. In this case it may have been on your email, Vincent. Did you happen to receive and email with a subject title “You have a gift from Xbox LIVE”?

Vincent: Well, I looked manually and then used the search bar to look for just the word Xbox

Vincent: Nothing in the inbox or spam

Jeremy: And this is on all 3 email address you associated with Xbox?

Vincent: Yeah, mean, I got my Xbox Rewards statements, etc., but nothing worded like gift

Vincent: You wouldn’t happen to be able to see the email addresses, would you? I could verify them if it’s a security concern

Vincent: Ctrl+F gift in my spam folder: Only result was for women’s viagara. Lmao

Vincent: I didn’t even know they had that

Jeremy: Hahaha!

Jeremy: How about on website Live messenger?

Vincent: It’s showing my last one as December 4th too

Vincent: Yeah, nothing there.

Jeremy: I see.

Jeremy: I’m really sorry about this, Vincent. I have argued long and hard with our back end support team but I’m afraid there’s no escalation path we can use here from our end. The only possible solution for this is for you to get in touch with 343 through the forums.


Jeremy: In order for your post to be recognized, avoid putting in account details, just try to discuss your situation, reference the posts you made on that official link I gave you earlier.

Vincent: All right, can do. Hopefully it doesn’t just get locked this time, lol.

Vincent: Thanks for all the help, you’ve been great

Jeremy: No problem at all! Just remind 343 about your situation, Vincent. It could be your account was overlooked.

Jeremy: Thank you so much for your time here with me as well.

Jeremy: Will there be anything else I can help you with for now?

Vincent: Nope, you’ve been a great help

Jeremy: Thanks, I appreciate that. I hope I was able to give you the best overall support experience for this issue.

Jeremy: You havea great day ahead! Happy holidays to you! :slight_smile:

Vincent: Same to you, sir!

So, yeah, that’s the full discussion right there.

Nothing really helpful for Halo, but I did get to discover that women’s viagra exists, so the experience was not a total loss.

They just need to unlock specs for everyone, NOW. People from EU get stuck at 70, and now even those who should get code don’t get it, this is ridiculous.

Same situation.

I made a thread earlier but a faceless 343 mod locked it and linked me to a post claiming all codes had been distributed.


So where is my code.

I always thought Activision was the worst company because of their obsession with grabbing money off cod each year, but since Halo 4 I really think it’s microsoft & 343i.
I live in europe and I have payed my hard earned euro’s for this game, why do US costumers have the right to get the specializations but I don’t. Doesn’t make sense now, does it?

It’s even stranger if you purchased the LE like some people did, and stil didn’t get your specializations also. I really feel for the people who live in the US but didn’t get their codes also, I really want to get my money back for this product, but in the Netherlands you don’t get refunds this late after game releases so I’m stuck with Halo 4…

I really enjoyed playing it, but the specializations stuff just f…ed the fun up for me.

It makes me feel slightly better that im not the only one who got left out of the specialization. I am definitely qualified but i guess i will just RAGE and wait for my just due -.-

I’m guessing that’s about all we can do. You’re definitely not alone, I can tell you that much.

I was reading through the code thread that was ultimately locked, and it doesn’t even seem to be all true. I was never sent a “reminder message” through Xbox’s message center. Live hasn’t sent me anything in ages and I certainly have nothing in my inbox from them…

The way they’ve been handling their issues lately has been quite disheartening…

Yeah, I never received a reminder message (or the first message) either, so I’m unsure who actually even got those Xbox Live messages, but there were definitely those of us left out, so… yeah.

My Gamertag is Binzler.
I have played Halo 4 before Nov.20 2012
I live in Canada
I am over 18 years old.

Check this one out fellas !!! … If you have a friend you trust and they already have the code, so lets say ur stuck at 70 like I was, have ur friend recover your gamertag tell them to pick whatever specialization you wanna do next. Recover it back and boom ! You have a new specialization. You’ll have to do it for each one , but Hey ! So my buddy got his code a few days ago … I told him to recover my gamertag on his Xbox , pick tracker, then I recovered my gamertag on my Xbox and was a tracker 71 !!! Make sure it’s someone you trust obviously ! And that’s how you cheat the system my friend

These threads need to stay alive, we have a voice and we were cheated out of game playability/. Here is my copy pasta

Between the mass amount of people who haven’t received a Spec code, the amount of invalid spec codes and the crimson map pack glitch; I believe they closed all the threads, are not answering our questions and not giving out any more codes because something went really wrong with 343, xbox and its redeem codes. Somehow people got access to Spec codes that shouldn’t have and some players codes were used, thats why they show as invalid for them. As well as the glitch of the map pack is that they thought, “Only people who have these spec codes bought LE right? So lets release their map free OFC!” Well not everyone who bought LE got those codes so there lies the problem with that map pack.

I haven;t received my Spec codes and am fed up with the way customer service works for both 343 and xbox. So far ive had 4 phone calls and online chats with xbox in past week, 3 of which were today. The only help they gave me:

quote from xbox support:
Cathline: Their only support option, is the Halo Waypoint forums.

But 343 doesn’t answer these forums, at least often as they should. They don;t even have a contact number. What kind of company doesn’t have a contact number? Maybe giving the franchise to 343i was a bad idea. I do like the agme, its fun, its challenging, its new-ish. I am sr69 and have been since i found out i couldnt get my codes. I will not play or buy a mappack till i can actually get rewarded or get some sort of accomplishment for playing.

yeah this is a rant and also trying to get the message out to others. Have any more ideas? Theories? or just want to yell about the customer service do it here!

That’s… probably the best thing I’ve been told yet. I’m going to give that a shot

Whoops, looks like it took over 10 minutes to post my last message. That was directed to the guy above who said you can have someone else recover your tag and pick a spec for you.

I’m not sure we’ll get a response, no matter how loudly we type, lol. I wouldn’t place hope upon getting something to happen with this.