"Attention: Could not find a server that was...

…suitable for all members of your fireteam."

The Xbox support page was no help. All it said was it’s usually due to when your fireteam is too geographically diverse to find a good fit for all of you. Well, I’m playing alone. My connection is fine on all ends. Could not find a single issue anywhere. Xbox Live apparently has no overarching issues, but I’m experiencing some. When I first started up today I was having profile sync errors that took a while to subside. The Xbox Accessories app was affected, so this is something outside of Halo 5. I seriously don’t understand what’s going on if my friends are having no issues, Halo 5 is having no issues, Xbox Live is having no issues, and my connection is telling me there are no issues. Clearly there are issues.

Okay so it’s definitely Xbox Live overall I’m having issues with. Can’t connect to parties, apps aren’t working correctly, and sometimes I’ll have that big “Connect to Xbox Live” tile in the lower right of the home screen while I’m connected to Xbox Live. None of my other devices are experiencing any problems with the internet.

Alright it started working about an hour and a half ago. I don’t know what happened, but I went into campaign to get a couple of achievements, and when the mission ended I noticed I could finally get back into matchmaking. Well, I played 3 matches, and two of them didn’t have an after-match report and didn’t give me any RP (wasted some boost cards on them too…funny how it makes sure you lose your cards but don’t get any RP to show for it).