Attention Clan Leaders!

If you are a clan leader looking for a clan members, please specify what system and which Halo game your clan is a part of.

I have noticed a lot of posts where clan leaders are looking for members to join them, but they do not specify which Halo game or which system their clan currently plays on.
This causes a lot of confusion for players looking to join a clan. When clan leaders don’t specify their game and system, they could ultimately miss out on gaining members.

The Halo community is a really divided community, so population for each game will be spread out. You still have clans for Halo Reach, Halo 3, and Halo 4 on 360. You also have the MCC Xbox One clans as well.
Please keep this in mind when making future clan posts. Thanks.

SF is a militarized halo clan on the MCC collection we have been very active in the past week with a good community of 18 decently skilled members if wish to fight for our cause we are looking for these characteristics 1. know how a military clan functions 2. we are looking for good forgers and media type people for our YT channel. If you make the requirement of the first one your allowed in go to our website listed below and enlist and serve the SF.

We also have a competitive team u can try out for!

Motto: “De Oppresso Liber” which is Latin for

“To free from oppression” or “To liberate the oppressed”

“I am a Special Forces member, dedicated to training new personnel and influencing the old. I will strive to be patient, understanding, and firm. All members are entitled to outstanding leadership and will provide that leadership. As a valued member of maturity, respect, and loyalty at all times. I will not forget that I am a professional, a leader, but above all a Special Forces member.”

-Special Forces Creed

CEO- BionicGamer65

Youtube- OfficialSFMedia