ATTENTION CLAN LEADERS - how not to use tags

First post here, is where I initially uploaded it.

I can’t find a way to include images (what a crappy forum!) but there’s an image there of how not to use clan-tags.


> Team-tags (which are the third column, for example KTO and PVT in this picture) show above the head of your team-mates, wherever they are.
> So at a glance you can be like “Oh hey, so and so is over there” and tell who is where easily. They are used to identify the person. You cannot see the tags of the enemy team (that’d be too easy!)
> This is very useful, firstly you can warn team-mates. I am “HavokDelta7” here, with tag DLTA, so if you see an enemy running up behind me whom you know to have a shotgun, you can be like “Hey Havok, guy behind you, shotgun” If you have to play “Guess which PVT that is” you’re not gonna bother warning, and if you’re like “Hey somebody, guy behind you” other people may turn around and get shot because of it.
> Second use!
> “Over by me” - if your tag is PVT and I can’t tell where you are, if you say “over by me” I cannot tell where that actually is. If I can tell where you are from the tags this has a lot more meaning. Stuff like “Cover me” “Follow me” these are all far easier if you can tell who to actually follow!
> Third use!
> Covering team-mates. If I see someone called, say Jim, if I see JIMs tag go yellow (indicating he is shooting) and I hear an assault rifle I can be like “Jim is useless, he’ll need help” and go help him, or at least position myself to avenge Jim!
> Fourth Use!
> Suppose I see Jim - who is insanely good with a sniper say - in a popular sniping spot. I can be like “Oh cool Jim has me covered” and know that the guy there who is on my team is not useless. If I see PVT there I can be like “Great. I wonder which -Yoink!- that is”
> These vary in utility depending on how big your team is, with 16 guys running about it helps, but not as much as a 3v3 say.
> In closing tags should identify the individual, quickly and easily.
> There is no reason not to do this, if your clan all have the same emblem it’ll be an indication that you’re a clan!
> Wait I lied, final note: I mentioned this to one “clan leader” and he had his clan change the tags from “RC” to “RCxx” where the "x"s denote numbers (eg RC12, RC33, RC5) - this isn’t really an improvement unless you really spend time learning. My tag is “DLTA” that’s pretty much the entire word “Delta”, you can tell that without any thought but suppose there’s an RC13 and an RC18 near to each other, it just requires extra thought. So please PLEASE be smart, use team-tags.

BTW I’m looking to join a clan, like 70k kills, 35k deaths 60k headshots here. (I play a lot of Swat) - this advice though, please clan leaders use it!

My clan is recruiting. Contact me at Gamertag: manicnow I’m Co-General of the ODST.

Your tag is “CO2” - did you read what I just said?

Yeah, but I couldn’t talk to my leader yet so…

In my clan we use the 4 letter representations of our real names to clear up confusion, and we all have distinct voices considering there is only 6 of us now, so we know who is who, but excellent advice bud, I am the leader, and we don’t recruit anyone new until we have played with them for some time usually a month or two to determine if they will cohesively work with the team, and can keep our clan drama free, gt is the same as forum name, if you interested just message me on here and I can assist you further.