Its really starting to annoy me that on every single youtube video, the sounds of the guns are different, and i need some answers. Obviously, people who have played halo 4 at either RTX, PAX, or went to the eb games expo, that halo game was an older build, and wasnt the final 100% build. What we played was basically the Pax version, and that was ages ago, so the sounds and quality will have gotten better.

Anyway, at exactally 1:30 on “This video” we can hear the supposed sniper sound, but on “This video” we can hear a 100% better version of the sniper. I was wondering which sound will be in the final game, and why is the sound different. Will the sniper sound like the one in the second video? because it sounds boss.

Secondly, the railgun… on “This video” we hear the railgun which sounds ultimate. i had to replay that over and over again because it sounded so awesome. but at 3:30 on “This video” we hear the railgun fire a totally different poof sound which makes me really hate the railgun because the sound is horrible. is this the final sound because at the eb games expo, it sounded awesome like the first video, but since that was an old build, i have the feeling that 343I thought the gun sounded too good and changed it with that “poof” sound. WTF

Is there anyone who can give their oppinion, or be able to explain why these are different, and your preferences, id really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

When the videos are made from the Halo 4 footage, the sound quality takes a dip. That’s my best guess because i did notice this with the other weapons too.

Another example is at E3. Compare the BR sounds to the Jungle Level shown to the MLG MP footage of the same BR, which sounds weaker.

Another reason that ties in the above is that the builds are not final. The older, incomplete builds may not have the final weapon sounds that the retail game will have.

Both links for the Sniper are the same sound I think . .

They were posted 3 days apart. The first video (Your first link) was posted on August 9th 2012 and the second video (Your second link) was posted on August 6th 2012 . .

If both videos are from the same Halo 4 build then the Sniper Rifle in the videos is the one I heard at NYCC.

As for the Railgun I didn’t use it, so I can’t comment on the Railgun.

The sniper is definitely different between all builds. Sounds more refined or under different audio systems, I can’t pinpoint the reason, but it is a subtle change I notice(d) when I got to use it. I’ve gotten to test it in a few environments and I personally like it. I never really looked at or paid attention to the railgun but it does sound slightly different.

Personally, just wait for halo 4 launch. Then bring this thread up again.