Hi there this is SHAD0WED KATANA with WDC (Wolves Den Creations). Due to the ever changing amount of projects that the WDC community has been taking on we are in need of some new Veteran and skilled Forgers. We only forge with the best and brightest, so please only respond to this forum if you know that you have the experience and knowledge. That includes all the responds, lighting, tools, and etc.

To enter the WDC community you must do a few things first. Step one is to contact me SHADOWED KATANA via xbox live. Step two is to tell me how you heard about us being by this forum, xbox live, or Facebook. Step three is to confirm that you are 18 or older. Once the steps are completed I will set up a meeting time that works for both me and you, you will have to show me at least 3 or 4 of “YOUR” best maps that you forged from scrap. And that is all that there is to start using your talent to start making maps that the Halo community can enjoy for years to come.

To get an insight of what Wolves Den Creations is all about you can visit are facebook page bellow.

If this link is broken you can simply search us on facebook at Wolves Den Creations .

The old Wolves Den Creations page had to re-created and it doesn’t have much on it for now, but I will be loading some new stuff on it asap.

Thanks and happy forging.

One recruitment thread per clan/group please. Your original thread is here. Thanks.