Attention 343

I’m sure you are aware of all the bugs in these games. My issue is why so many? If you couldn’t handle such a huge game maybe you should of just released them one by one. I have had several problems none of which you have made any attempts at addressing or fixing. The latest is playing split screen co-op on halo 2 and the game freezes and goes to the home screen when playing Delta Halo going to the tower in the water happened several times and playing it on Legendary does not make playing this level over and over just to get to this very point just to have it screw up fun and have to keep from hanging myself just so I can punish myself one more time and try it again only to have it screw up, you guessed it again! Now I’m not telling you how to do your job… just do your job! Too many things are screwed up in this game and it’s been that way from day one… you guys dropped the ball big time. So come on turn it around and start addressing people’s issues so we can see progress and that you are actively making efforts to fix these problems.