Attention 343 read asap

I’m a Halo series vet. Have played every Halo to date including Halo Wars (and I hate RTS games). I recently started playing Halo Infinite multiplayer after a hiatus from gaming for nearly a year. I’m not happy. The gameplay is solid, yes… but what have you done to this beloved franchise? The amount of XP earned per match and the absurdity of issuing challenges that can only be achieved in certain game modes only to oftentimes not even play those games modes? I just spent my hard earned money to get your battle pass to help support you, only to discover that your progression system is laughable at its very best. Sure it’s free to play, and that’s awesome… but I really would like to think that your paying customers would be treated better than this. Either fix this or I won’t be back. I know my measly $9 won’t make a dent in your pockets, but if you don’t fix this then you will lose a loyal fan for life. :person_shrugging:


Sorry you had to come into this mess late. We’ve been complaining since launch. They say they are working on it, but it doesn’t seem there will be much until season 3 at least.
My advice is that if you’re coming into this now and you’re not invested, wait until you hear the game is finally at a good state to jump in. Most of us launch people are either in this for the long haul to see the game slowly get better/worse, or have already left either for good or until the game is better.
Posts like these usually get taken down fast since there isn’t much more to add. I figure I would just prep you while I’m here.


If I’m honest… give up.

343 blew it, Infinite has been scuffed for 8 months, and if anyone still thinks it will come back in season 3, 1 year post launch… I’m sorry, but I think that’s hopium/copium.

They had their big launch, and people played for a little while and moved on. Even if they get it into an acceptable state, they’ll never get that initial interest back.

I do regret that you didn’t check before you wasted your money, they really don’t deserve it.


That said, I think you’re counting 343 out too early.

Yes the post-launch situation hasn’t been great - part of that it down to the number of Devs who have been on overly time-limited contracts which ran out shortly after launch, however, if there’s one thing 343 have proven it’s that they are able to fix a poor launch - as they’ve done with MCC, and Halo 5, previously. It will take time, however, which isn’t something you get a lot of with the live service model

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Its been 5 years since halo 5 and almost a year of halo infinite now. This isnt counting them out too early they were given 3 seperate chances. All of which failed to reach their target audiences and destroyed an already loyal fanbase. For the first few weeks the game wasnt bad. But over time aside from being bare minimum now its just getting worse and worse with these bugs and desync issues


In terms of XP gain, well, too many people have already completed the battle pass, and they wish there was more for them to do and earn XP for. The conflicting arguments of too much vs. too little will make things interesting for 343.

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What they did was try to change Halo to make into something it’s not, and they refuse to face reality that what they are doing is literally not working for infinite. In the process of forcing things to be their way is just them digging themselves a huge hole.

If they don’t stop, they will soon be stuck in that hole with no way out.


I think they started digging that hole in Halo 4 and now they are way down there at the bottom, playing in the darkness.

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