1. As a VERY concerned fan, I can’t hold myself back but to ask you this question. Please don’t set the Halo 4 release date as thanksgiving week.

This reason is because many people(including myself) will be out of town for thanksgiving and the week surrounding it, and would not be able to buy the game on release date. Please take is into DEEP consideration for the fans comfort and my own.

That in mind. I thank you all for maing what is looking like an awesome game/trilogy.

To community: comment if you agree
And to any moderators or superintendents: please give me your responses. This is something that deeply matters to me and many other Halo fans. Thank you.

343 will do it’s job, just wait and see

> 343 will do it’s job, just wait and see

I’m just making sure for mine, my friends and other peoples sakes

I don´t see the need of playing it first day.

Please do release it around thanksgiving, no work + new halo would be sweet…

I got a paper from Gamestop when I was trading in some games that said Halo 4 should be released around November 2.

dont matter to me. mostly because i dont have the money right now and I still owe my parents $400, but thats just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol then don’t go out of town then. Jk, but I doubt they will rearrange the date just for people that go out of town. If they do release on Turkey day, don’t have a rage moment.