Attack The Garage Not Defend

ok most of the time ive noticed on warzone firefight theres an objective to defend the garage on round 4 now 75% of us always fail this because they spawn inside the garage why cant it be the other way like attacking the garage clearing it all from hostiles anyone agree

I would do that rather then defend.

I’d like a “Destroy the Forerunner/Enemy/etc Core” or “Capture/Attack this Base” objectives as well. They’d probably be significantly less frustrating than defending things.

I think the defending is alright if you can get people inside with vehicles and power weapons. If not, then it really stinks. It should wait a moment or two to spawn enemies so players can get in the garage to give them a fair shake. Same thing with the Forerunner cores.

But an assault option does sound very fun as well :slight_smile:

They might as well rename it “King of the Hill” rather than “Defend the Objective”.

This was mentioned numerous times in the Warzone Firefight Beta Feedback Thread.

Attacking the garage would be interesting and something I would rather do than defending.