Attachments should change color with armor coatings

I really hope that 343 can make changes to how attachments work so that attachments can change color with the coatings like in Reach. It sucks having a cool coating, only for a grey attachment to ruin the look. Like at this point I don’t wanna use chest attachments at all if they’re all just gonna be grey. I understand if some people are fine with the current way. However, 343 could add a switch to make the attachments change color with the coating or stay default.

Not EVERY attachment needs to be able to change color with coatings, you can look at Reach as an example of how to do it with the Mark V[B] core attachments. In Reach, the rule of thumb is that if the attachment adds additional armor, or you use Jun’s little ghillie hood, it matches the color of the armor. The same logic can be applied to the Mark VII core and future cores. 343 could also go above and beyond by evolving that idea and making EVERYTHING change color: the straps, grenades, pouches, helmet attachments, etc. However they decide to do it, I just want my armor to match.

I personally use Jun’s chest, and it’s disappointing to see that it’s just grey unless I use Jun’s coating, and the same thing applies to Jorge’s chest. I am hopeful 343 can bring it back with Infinite, and I feel that letting attachments change with armor coatings would be a great way to help with player expression.

TLDR: attachments should change with armor coatings and 343 should use Reach as an example of how to do that or evolve the idea.


Absolutely. It is insane this isn’t the case.

The Cat Ears actually do change with pretty much every coating, so they can make attachments that change colors with more than one coating. Unfortunately they were either too crunched to implement it universally or they just didn’t care (or a bit of both).

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Even better… What if you were allowed to freely select the color of attachments on any coating. That would bring back at least a modicum of free color selection without shooting monetization for coatings entirely through the foot. In fact, people may be more interested in buying a cool coating if they dig how it goes with a unique choice of color for their attachments.


Yeah, we do have some evidence of this being somewhat implemented with cat ears working for all the Mark VII coatings, and Jun and Jorge’s chest changing colors with their respective coatings, hopefully, this means they’re testing the waters for attachments changing with coatings since it seems like they already have it working with those attachments. Just need to spread it to other attachments and coatings.

Yeah, I mentioned 343 could evolve the idea, and that is another option they could do if they choose to make it different from Reach.

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I like the metallic attachments because of what I wear, similar to how Hayabusa’s mask not changing color didn’t bother me, because I wear white, but a toggle would be nice

I have to support this, like I get some armors are greyed out but the ones that were never greyed out to begin with just looks hideous

I 100% second OP on this.

yes. I think they should allow it.