ATT: Certain Affinity - About Remnant and Forge

I noticed a trend that keeps happening on the non-forge Halo maps and this has been going on since the Reach Defiant map pack.

I understand that these maps weren’t made specifically for Forge, but people will be forging on them anyways.

The undeletable kill zones are always set way too low on maps and too close to the edges of maps. Remnant for example lets us spawn hornets and banshees, but there is no elbow room to fly them in at all. The beach looks perfect for forging on for Customs and mini games, but we have kill zones in our way that we can’t delete. We don’t need the whole ocean and sky, just the beach and its surrounding rocks and building tops. Your maps are too confined. I can’t even get an aerial view of anything without hitting the kill zone and dying.

Please start making these kill zones deletable in Forge. I understand we need these kill zones for matchmaking, and I’m not asking you to open up the entire skybox to exploration and exploitation, I just want these maps to have more elbow room for our forge monitors. If you can, use invisible walls instead of those annoying kill zones, and keep these invisible walls high enough to fly a banshee comfortably and wide enough to allow at least 30% more elbow room to move around on the edges of the maps in Forge at least. You can keep your kill zones where you normally put them, but make them deletable for us forgers while leaving any undeletable kill zones behind the invisible walls and out of the way. You guys have built us a nice and decent, fun Forge mode. Please start giving us more elbow room to make good use of it on the non-forge maps.

If any 343 or CA employee needs more clarification on what I’m talking about, PM me or send me a party invite and I can show you in game what I’m talking about. It’s simple really, but whoever is finalizing these maps before release, might have never even tried Forge or Theater before.

Please consider this for Halo 5.