Atriox vs Master Chief

No dip sherlock, guess what? That was after, how was Atroix supposed to know he was different? Chief had never fought banished before…

Ah yes, because beating the covenant who was fighting, the flood, the banished, the UNSC, and the Heretics in what was essentially a 4v1 really shows you how by ganging up on one guy you are super strong.

Those were not Master Chief and him not even kill them shows how arrogant he is to let his enemies live and kill more of his troops later :roll_eyes: they always depict Master Chief a loser till he’s alone and defeats 3 armies in games by himself lol

Uh duh I was talking about how he never had but defeated them in Halo Infinite :crazy_face:

Lol seems fine to me since the banished didn’t destroy the covenant and they were fighting the same amount of enemies or we just going to forget there still insurgents :joy:

Chief also isnt the best Spartan compared to others in his class. Chief doesnt really excel in areas like other spartans.

Villains have a bad habit of doing that. They like to savor the moment instead of actually killing them effectively. Any Banished in their right mind would decapitate him and burn his head just to be sure.

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Chief is a Jack of all trades, master of none. That’s what makes him deadly. Why excel really well in every area, when you can be great in all?

Just like in real life with roman legions + discipline. That’s why they were so dominate for a very long time until internal infighting caused a collapse, and caused civil war + raiding on their borders.

Luck lol and yet he’s alive and took down 3 factions ok :roll_eyes:

Atriox flex lol imagine :rofl:

I thought it was because of Barbarians?

No. Rome was fighting itself, and split into civil war. Barbarians were still “romans”. They considered themselves romans for YEARS after rome fell.

When you go into debt, fail to pay your armies, people starving, people will try and seize power within itself. When rome fell, it became, what we know today as Italy… and gallic rome… and the eventual rise of the Holy Roman Empire (the “barbarians”. )

Then besides that, fighting off the Eastern factions. It’s the same thing that will befall the U.S. at this rate.

Damn all political lol nah America is going to collapse, we will forever be free…unless they change parties like communism