Atriox Face Tattoo's

This is probably the most clear image I could get where they stand out.

So, if we look at the other Covenant races, 343 seems to like the idea of facial markings to convey symbolism. Jul M Dama is the most obvious case because he literally has the Didacts Hand, this forerunner hand glyph built onto his helmet.

Well the same is probably also true of Atriox.

So these seem to be a series of symmetrical lines and bars which cover both sides of his face. These don’t really look very Covenant and IMO look kind of Forerunner.

A bit of evidence for this is that one bit of concept art for an alternate look resembled the a Forerunner skull and was called “Didact hunter”. But that sort of patterning is very common on 343i Forerunner stuff. The covenant glyphs and symbols they make tend to be a lot more rounded and intricate.

Although admittedly, it could just be that this is what Brute war paint looks like and is very different to Elite/Prophet symbols. A lot of other concept art is much more clearly just tribal war paint without any Forerunner glyphs or iconography incorporated into it.

Given that one was called “Didact hunter” this would imply the warpaint is intended to make him look more fearsome to his enemies. You paint a skull on your face to appear frightening to humans. Well, he wears a Forerunner skull or symbol to imply; I am going to murder you.

Alternatively its intended to proclaim some sort of allegiance. You wear your loyalties on your face type deal. However, bone white is an odd colour to choose if that’s what he is doing. If you were a Brute and wanted to make a statement that you serve Cortana/Prometheans then I would have expected it to be blue or orange. Unless the artists decided that a bone white just looked a lot cooler and went with that.

Food for thought. Do you think this is just 343i take on brute/banished warpaint, or does it represent something more profound?