AtN Coop Campaign keeps freezing

My buddy and I keep trying to play the AtN coop campaign but it keeps freezing and/or won’t unlock the next milestone. One that’s easily reproducible is the 2nd mission, Fighting Retreat. 3 times we played this and each time successfully defended the base on that final long countdown phase but the retreat phase never starts. We’ve let the game go an extra 10min past this point and nothing happens, besides being overwhelmed with enemies, the exit route is still blocked. If we let the game end after all our units die and try to restart it then the game gets stuck on the opening in game cut scene, similar to what’s described below. We eventually split up and did this mission solo and it worked the first time for both of us.

Then the very next mission we barely make it 5min into the game before it freezes on mini cutscene, typically when it takes your focus to something bursting out of the ground. With this type of issue we lose all control, nothing but the Xbox Guide button works. Oddly the animation and whatever was going on in the game continues, so it’s like the game forgets to switch back and give us control again. We have to force quit the game at this point.

These issues were witnessed over the past few days, we switched off who starts the game with no impact. We finally quit last night when we kept getting server connection issues and couldn’t re-form the party/squad. We hadn’t played the game since launch due to disconnect issues and it’s disappointing to see these issues remain a year later. Though we had successfully played through the original coop campaign back when the game launched, it was only the Multiplayer stuff we had issues with back then.

I’m using a standard Xbox One, my buddy has the Xbox One X. I’m US West, he’s US East; not sure if that’s how the regions are setup for this game. My gamer tag is Fragma.