Atlantic Nations Clan Recruitment (halo 4)

The Atlantic Nations is a militarized clan with a Federal-Republic Government. We are focused on enhancing the discipline, perseverance, and integrity of our members. We are a selective nation with high standards, ensuring that only the best of men are allowed in. Being as strict and standardized as we are, we also make our members’ time in service enjoyable. We are a clan that appreciates and values hard work, meaning that as a member, you will get the position in the AN that you deserve. We are also a clan that hears the voices of our members and fights to defend our integrity and stability. If you feel that you are interested in joining,
enlist today!
-Very organized
-Members enjoy
-Big youtube clan media department
-61 Members
-40-4 battle record
-10-1 raids
-4 divisions
-Highly active
Must be of age 12 or older.
Must have a working headset with a mic.
Must have read the entire list of rules and regulations and be able to present and follow them.
Clan website

Message Shakey Joker to join
Message Quantum 240 to join
Message Vore dy Karosee to join