atheoriaghost is not recieving xp for challenges

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I have been playing on my sister’s account for a bit, trying to help her out with the Halo games and get her some xp for Halo 4. She doesn’t have gold which is proving difficult seeing as you guys removed the offline mode to spartan ops for what ever reason and the campaign doesn’t unlock weapon and enemy commendations which is…well…retarded and at the verge of incompetence…like deserving a car bombing incompetence. That being said, it seems that blundering on the Halo Waypoint app for 360 seems to have messed up your challenge rewards system, so now she can’t level up at all on Halo 4 save for the multiplayer crap that she will never play. So if you could kindly fix your app I would greatly appreciate it 343…love and kisses…