At the end of the day

halo 5 will not offer the best halo multiplayer experience compared to the other games in this franchise. And the main reason is because sprint is still in the game. When everybody is given the ability to sprint, the game just feels like an updated version of halo 4 with some elements added from halo reach. Sprint has no place in a halo game. Short and simple. It never has been and never will be. This, along with climbing change the overall feel of the game.

In past halos, the man with the better aim and skill would usually end up on top in a gun fight. This is how halo should be. But with sprint in the game, it seems that everybody is just running all over the place and it (along with short kill times and an overpowered ar) make the game feel like who ever shoots first wins. I know some people have been saying that this isn’t true but let’s be honest, a lot of the gun fights start by two people sprinting towards each other and the person who is able to get out of sprint first and shoot first wins. Of course, reveral medals are possible but they are very rare

this is just my opinion based off of ar starts.