At the end of reach there is a loose string. DLC?

Near the end some people go somewhere and some other people go somewhere else. There is a hint that someone should do something “ignoble” for security’s sake. We only find out about what happens to some of those people by the end.

Halo never has had campaign DLC but I was thinking that maybe they’re going to make some about what happened to the second people. Just a theory.

Or is that story covered somewhere else in the fiction I dont know about? I like games but if I’m going to read there is 1000 years of literature I need to catch up on (Or I’d read an actual Larry Niven book har har har), and copywrite expired books are practically free so I’ve never read any Halo books or anything. Maybe a comic or book covered it somehow, or it will remain a mystery.

I just like campaign DLC, so I’m just hoping thats where we’ll find out.

I tried my best to not spoil anything.

It’s implied in the books.

Just put a spoiler warning in the subject and you’ll be free to talk about whatever you want in the thread! But, I might be able to help here if you explain exactly what it is you’re talking about.

The Bouk

Last cutscene in The Package.

------------spoiler -----------------talk

The loose string does exist and that’s why I came up with this logo. It’s based on the noble team being resurrected by jun as the leader.

As per Dr.Halsey, she is through out the haloverse in alot of books and comics. In the ghosts of onyx she ends up trapped with others on a foreunner shield world .

I don’t see REACH needing to tie up all the loose ends because it’s a prequal.

Jun is dead.

I knew the female went on in the fiction. I was more wondering about the male that sirpwn4g3 mentions in the above mysteriously brief spoiler. I thought the goings on at their immediate destination would make a good dlc mission. I’ll check the wiki, now I just want to know what happened to him.

That’s a cool logo mod. But what you have in mind is a whole game.

The guy we’re talking about seems a little more cool and calculating than the others, and now he’s pissed… Oh the possibilities.

SirPwn4g3 wrote the following post at Oct 2, 2010 8:05 PM: Jun is dead. According to the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition Developer Commentary, Jun is still alive .


I imagine that there’s a reason he’s still alive. I guess Bungie is leaving an opportunity for 343i to adopt Jun as a character for a future game.

Maybe Bungie will pull a Brett Favre and take the field one last time with a sweet expansion dlc where the guy we’re talking about meets the ODST’s from H3:ODST and helps their evac. Due to Cole protocol, they can’t take a direct jump to Terra … adventure ensues. There are a few more “Toroid Installations” somewhere in the galaxy afterall. Since it is on a Halo, they could use ForgeWorld assets to keep down cost. There could even be Flood there…If it’s dlc they wouldn’t be going back on the “This is our last hurrah” statements and they could take in a few mil of extra revenue to boot.

Do you here that bungie? It would be fiscally irresposible of you not to release “The Ballad of Jun” dlc pack in 1st quarter 2011. You have an obligation to our nations economy. Don’t you love America?

This is gonna get long. Also, for spoiler tags type [ code ] King Kong dies at the end! [ / code ] Take out the spaces and replace code with spoiler.

In the commentary they say Jun is alive, but in the same sentence they also say the sequel is about Jun and Halsey’s kids. What they really say is that we don’t see him die. Now, we’ve seen through some of the books that Bungie and the authors can plan ahead with some of the fiction. So unless the characters in Reach were never thought out then Jun dies, sure the escort could be a mission, but I’m 99% certain that Jun dies. First off he’s a Spartan III, that’s what they do. Also, he’s not mentioned in First Strike or Ghosts of Onyx, which is where he would be if he was hanging out with Halsey, and I doubt he would just drop her off at Castle base and assume she would be okay while the planet is crawling with Covenant who are glassing the surface and hunting everywhere else for Forerunner artifacts. Either way, he doesn’t leave the planet.

It could be a mission, but it certainly wouldn’t be a long and exciting story.

I’d be more interested in filling the space between Long Night of Solace and Exodus. It seems to me that there is nine days between the time Noble Six lands and gets to New Alexandria. Could be a good time to introduce some new and interesting Reach locales.

I’ve always wanted to fight in a forest on Reach.


Yeah thats more what I was thinking of when I started the thread. Just the events at the place they said they were going to in the cutscene. The whole evacuating Buck et al and going to another Halo ring was “getting carried away” for the fun of it. I know they won’t do it, Bungie likes leaving little mysteries and loose ends about.

We’ll get some maps though, of that I’m sure. New maps are cool if they’re significantly different than those that shipped or are something nutty for the fun of it. Alot of the time I don’t really care if I get new maps or not.

When you turn on you xbox one day and there’s an ad “Download Now!” for another chapter in the story of a favored game. It’s like when your mom spontaneously got you a few comic books at the grocery store when you weren’t expecting anything and hadn’t been a particulairly good boy. Although it’s no windfall, you appreciate it more than when you got exactly what you wanted on your birthday (or in the games case when you bought it), because then you felt entitled.

Don’t assume anyone dies in a fiction unless they say they die or are shown to die, even then what you see can be misleading on purpose.


Did anyone else notice that the spartan’s die in order of their position on the Legendary statue (starting from left to right)?

> I’d be more interested in filling the space between Long Night of Solace and Exodus. It seems to me that there is nine days between the time Noble Six lands and gets to New Alexandria. Could be a good time to introduce some new and interesting Reach locales.
> I’ve always wanted to fight in a forest on Reach.

So are you saying nine days pass in the date that shows at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of missions between long night and exodus? I did not notice that. Assuming he doesn’t see any other spartans during that time it would be the perfect place to put a lost chapter without involving major NPC’s (thus making it less complex and easier to dev a mission). There’s really no reason plotwise for nine days to have passed. Interesting, very interesting.