At least make the random weapon spawns equal for each team

I don’t necessarily dislike the random weapon spawns on BTB, it can change up how you play and traverse the map. However if this is going to be a thing it needs to be equal for each team. Starting one team with the Stalker and giving the other the Lightning Gun is completely unfair. I know these two weapons share the same spawn locations because of thier role in the sandbox, but they are not interchangeable in effectiveness. More of a disadvantage is the Ravager and Hydra. On Fragmentation where Wasps are available regularly throughout the game giving one team access to two Hydra spawns and the other side two Ravager spawns is again completely unfair. Same with the BR and Commando. When one side has all BRs and the other all Commandos its not really a fair game.

Just tweak the spawns so that even being random it’s equal for both sides. I would say also make it to where it’s guaranteed that both the BR and Commando are available to each team every game.

One more weapon spawn gripe is the ordinance drops. It’s frustratingly annoying to have an ordinance drop next to a power weapon spawn and its the same weapon. Example an ordnance drop gave me a hammer, right next to a Hammer map spawn. Juat make the ordinance drops not include whichever the map spawned power weapons are for that match.

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there should never be random weapons in halo unless its fiesta, they need to make them fixed like in all of the og games

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If we get ranked BTB then I would have to agree, but for the current playlist random weapon spawns aren’t horrible. They do generate some randomness, which can be frustrating at times but they can also be very fun. Most of my BTB Slayer games finish 100-90+ which tells me this isn’t nearly as big an issue as it was back in Halo 4.

It’s not the slayer games where the unequal weapon spawns are an issue because spawns can flip during the match. It’s the objective modes where one team gets an advantage to capturing and holding objectives. It’s much easier for a team to dominate positions with vehicles when the other team doesn’t have equal access to consistent anti vehicle weapons. Or to have consistent overwatch and anti sniping with lightning guns vs the Stalker rifle. Sure it’s not impossible to do, it’s just an unfair fight, which should be the goal as much as possible creating a fair engagement.

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I think in the casual setting of BTB the random weapon spawns are fun. It does make me use a wider range of weapons I would probably pass up if I had a for sure go to most of the match. I’m sure there will eventually be a Playlist that has static weapon spawns, which is great, but they don’t need to completely remove the random weapon Playlists imo, just tweak it to be more fair for both teams.

Say what you want about H4 it had the best btb we’ve ever had, on the map exile one team started with a tank the other had a gauss-hog, later they changed the tank to a mantis so it was an even match.

On a side I’m really surprised that no one is complaining that we don’t have the gauss-hog.

I’m not talking about just btb, but on that both team should start with one of each vehicle and 343 needs to scrap the mongoose and stick the gun-goose in its place

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100% for this. Just talking about this in another thread. Same weapons on the same posts on both sides of the bases for a fair match. And make orbital drops have set areas to drop instead of just “look up” and it’s hard to see where it drops half the time, and make the orbital drop appear as red on the ping so it’s easier to identify.

Actually, that too. I dislike how the ping illuminates the weapon rack as well as the weapon. It should just illuminate nearby weapons.

And on top of that, STOP DESPAWNING WEAPONS SO QUICK. I killed a Warthog of 3 and the Warthog, as well as all 3 player bodies and all 3 player weapons and ammo despawned instantly. I watched them go poof immediately after I got the kills. But more so, if you die on Deadlock, or any other BTB map, you should be able to make your way back to your body in full sprint mode and your weapons and body still be on the field where you died. I hate this H4 despawn system… It’s too quick.