At least it shows they care

I see a lot of complaints and nitpicks around these forums showing how scared people are about halo 4 being a flop. I know it wont flop, they know it wont flop, but we still worry. and I like that.

Lots of people get annoyed by all the “BR NEEDS TO BEH 4SK” and the"TAKE OUT TEH RESUPLY PERK" and the infamous “HALO IS TURNING INTO COD” threads, and I do too, but there is one thing that brings me joy about this communitie’s forum posts: it shows that they care. they care about what halo’s potential in video games can be and they care about what direction it’s heading in, whether it’s good or bad. the entire reason people post post things like “x will ruin halo forever” is because they WANT halo to be great. I also know that whatever they say will “ruin” halo, they will still buy and play it because they know if it isnt an amazing game (which I think it will), it’ll still be at least a good game.

and so, my sympathy goes out to all those “I think we should have x” posters and the “You have to be stupid to add x in the game” posters. thank you for your concern for our beloved game. and also, thanks, 343, for carrying the halo legacy on.

See you “complainers” Novermber 6th
Water Bison Powers! ACTIVATE!

There will always be complaints, it doesn’t always mean that they care either, they could just be selfish people who want the game to fit how the minority plays and not the majority.