At least give us ONE ranked playlist!

I mean come on 343i really? you’re taking a huge dump on the competitive community. Halo has always had some sort of ranking system and now youre giving us an invisible one? wow. At least Reach tried with Arena, 343i isnt even attempting to cater to both casual and competitive gamers.

BUT WAIT! let me guess if i need a number next to my name in order to enjoy a game then Im dumb or I shouldnt play! Maybe not for you, but some people like competition. All 343i had to do was make both a ranked and social playlist and then all you Self righteous anti-ranked pro fun activist could stay in your social playlist.

Yes, I agree. Halo 2 and Halo 3 had an amazing success. Why? Because they catered to the needs of everyone. Sometimes us competitive players wan’t to mess around and have fun in non ranked game. Or maybe a casual player feels like a challenge and hops in to test their skill against the world. This is why Halo Reach was a disaster, only a select few enjoyed the game and kept playing. There was no incentive to keep playing. Testing your skill against others is the fun we have in games. Halo 4 needs a system to please all types of players. Make it happen 343 we still have faith.

Is that a ranked playlist!!! Nope…Chuck Testa

You folks need to take a deep breath and think about what you believe you know about Halo 4 and ranks.

Seriously. Stop this. You look stupid.

I think you are the only person to make a thread about no ranks, today.


By not having any ranking system whatsoever, disabling a lot of the custom options, breaking CTF, and keeping in the whole 1 person over live Theater mode it seems as if the designers are specifically trying to piss people off.

Not to mention the whole dancing around the ranked playlists question until all your precious pre-orders have come in. Just sickening. If you know it was going to be bad news for a lot of folks why not just incorporate some rankings?!

I used to ask the question “Why does a number matter so much to people?” but then I realized it’s what keeps people playing the game. Every other matchmade game in Reach seems like the collective thought is something like “Oh, we’re down by 1 flag cap. Better quit out and let my teammates get raped over and over again.” Give them something they actually care about (and don’t say quit bans, they just end up in customs which so many play because THERE’S NO POINT IN MATCHMAKING) and they’ll stay in the game and actually TRY to win.

And breaking CTF and NOT giving us an option to fix it. Like purposely leaving something so obvious out. wtf

just wtf…

The great thing is they know we’ll buy it. Game devs have fallen so far since the CoD franchise figured out the best way to make money was to make the same -Yoink- game ever year or so.

Just start up some Halo 2 servers again if you want money. Charge $10 a month or something. Or just re-release a new LIVE version of H2 with better graphics or something.

> You folks need to take a deep breath and think about what you believe you know about Halo 4 and ranks.
> Seriously. Stop this. You look stupid.


343 confirmed there would be no visible ranks earlier…

Also: the game’s been out and people have been playing it for about a month now (yay piracy). Take a deep breath and think about what you think we believe we know about Halo 4 and ranks.