At a complete loss with halo infinite

What’s one more slap on the dead horse?
Fix the -Yoink!- customization and store.
1: there’s no armor to be unlocked through achievements or in game challenges that needs changed
2: emblems are completely fixed and have no freedom like past games, that NEEDS fixed
3: the store being on a daily and weekly rotation is lame af, that may work for destiny but that’s because destiny has too many cosmetics for it’s own good… halo infinite doesn’t… at that every single other game has their payed items always available for purchase the system is backwards and just NEEDS fixed
4: once more on armor, coatings are the dumbest thing in halo infinite for the soul fact that they can’t be equipped on any core. It would’ve been acceptable for coatings to exist if they could be but they can’t and there for their existence is only to grab your cash, either let us put all coatings on all cores or just give us basic colors back, even if the coatings are here to stay they NEED fixed.