Asus AURA causing EAC Violation


EAC sees LightingService.exe as something bad I guess, keep closing my game, only terminating it via task manager works.

EDIT: Gonna also make a request on the halo site, but if anyone got the same problem, it’s Asus AURA the “violation”.

I can second this report. Terminating via task manager works, optionally you can gracefully shut down the Lighting Service via services.msc.

This isn’t a bug. IIRC the “lighting service” was being used by cheaters to hook well cheats. Easy Anti-Cheat banned this a while back so now everyone has to suffer for it. It’s not a big thing though, I normally just make sure all my lights are configured when I turn on my PC, then close it in the task manager. It’s really annoying, but I’m used to it now.

EDIT: I almost forgot, you can also launch the game with Anti-Cheat turned off, this will allow you to use the lighting software as well as mods. Though it says “limited services” which I’m assuming means no PVP or Firefight.

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Here’s a workaround using PlayNite to automatically close the lighting apps when you launch halo then re-open them when you are done