AST Recruiting
I am AST PHANT0M and I am recruiting for the AST. We are a small clan looking for loyal members. We are extremely organized with a good chain of command.
Even though we are small we have active members on every day. We play a lot of custom games but we do matchmake a lot also. 90% of the time we go in with a full team and come out on top. We also beta clan member’s maps and we are working on our own set of maps and competitive game type
We work on a ranked based system in the clan that follow the base ranks of Halo: Reach up to General but we do switch up the grades. The ranks and emblem background colors are as followed
Member Ranks

  • Recruit- White
    Private- Pale
    Corporal- Yellow
    Corporal Gd.2- Gold
    Sargent- Peach
    Sargent Gd.2- Coral
    Sargent Gd.3- Rust
    W. Officer- Khaki
    W. Officer Gd.2- Tan
    W. Officer Gd.3- Brown
    Captain- Drab
    Captain Gd.2- Olive
    Captain Gd.3- Sage
    Major- Sea Foam
    Major Gd.2- Green
    Major Gd.3- Forest
    Officer Ranks
  • Lt. Colonel- Aqua
    Commander- Teal
    Colonel- Violet
    Brigadier- Cobalt
    General- Blue
    You achieve ranks by doing impressive things or getting recommendations from officers. It gets harder to achieve ranks the higher you go.
    We also have divisions for different skill set which allow you to have a different background. We currently have the Sharpshooting division and the vehicular division.
    III.Requirements to Join
    We are looking for anyone of any rank with a decent skill level. There are no special talents required. You must have a mic
    IV.Who We Need
    At the moment we need
  1. Forgers
  2. Anyone with automatic weapon skill
  3. Anyone who loves infection
    If there’s anything I left out that you need to know message me and message me if you want to join
    -Formerly jamota7