Assault weapons in weapon tuning live stream

I barely got to see the AR in action but when I did it was TERRIBLE. Completely useless once again like in previous titles. It was so refreshing to see the AR excel in it’s role but that’s coming to an end. One of the few things that was right in this game is being ruined.

I think the automatic weapons were used poorly. I believe they are just as good as 343 made them sound.

They gave it MORE power, just with LESS magnetism and auto aim. I think the Assault Rifle will still put up a good fight.

In the two seconds that the AR was hitting another player (Neighbour was trying to use it like a dmr or a br) it ripped through the shields faster than normal.

I’m hoping the poor use during the live stream is due to the lowered auto-aim and lack of time to adjust.

Please. I watched the stream and they might have shown it 3 or 4 times at most. The player is now supposed to burst fire w/ the AR rather than hold it down (to remain accurate). They INCREASED the damage but made it a more skillful weapon. If you learn how to aim and pace your shots with it, its ceiling will be better than before. I have a feeling the damage boost + AR combo is going to be a devastating mix.

The games were a bit competitive, were you expecting the AR to be destroying people like Ninja or Ghost when they were using more skillful weapons(Precision Rifles)? Anyway the Automatics still have a faster killtime than precisions so you can’t complain and now you have to actually aim, lets see how good the “pros” with automatics do now.

The autos kill in about a second with theses new settings so I wouldn’t call them worthless. Is just you have to more accurate with the reticule than we’re used too and burst firing has become much more important.

Ok guys you all have very good points. We shall see how this turns out. However, a 50% reduction on the distance when the reticule turns red is huge. That’s my concern. I also hate how this live stream was suppose to showcase the weapons that were being tweaked but it turned to mini AGL matches… For the most part I just saw the BR wrecking sh**. The automatics got no love.

Mainstun, I know they were pros but this was not a competitive event. I would’ve liked to have seen exactly what the title of the stream implied. Besides, only two were pros and I found it pathetic that they got THAT competitive against people who weren’t.