Assault - Unable to Log In

I’ve got a brand new Surface Book, and wanted to test it out with this game. I had done very few things with it (basically, installed office 2016 and all updates) before purchasing and downloading the game. Once it was downloaded, I launched the game and it asked me to log in, and opened a web browser to where I was already logged in. When I came back into the game, it kept telling me the same thing - I wasn’t logged in, and when I clicked the link, it would open another tab of Microsoft where I was already logged in.

I’ve been trying for a couple days now and am unable to play. I’ve tried reinstalls, system restarts, I tried removing permission for the app to connect via and then regranting it after a fresh install. No luck. I’m logged in through the Xbox app on the computer the whole time as well if that matters. I’ve tried launching the game via the windows bar, from the Xbox app, and from the Microsoft store app.

I can’t think of anything else to try and am angry and frustrated at this point.

I misstated. The site it launches me to log in is “”, not “”. I know because I just tried again and it failed.

I’m having s similar issue. I just bought Spartan assault on my Nokia Lumia 635 and every time I try to start it says connecting then try again later. I’ve tried reinstalls etc but nothing and I cant seem to find where to report the problem.