Assault Rifle Nerfed?

In the last day I have noticed that my close and medium range battles have lasted longer when I’m using the AR. Also, I end up getting killed more often in these battles to people using the DMR and BR. It used to only take half a clip to strip a guys shields down close range but now it takes nearly a whole clip to do it. Was there some hotfix or something that nerfed the AR or have I become to used to the AR or just been imagining it?

Also, if the AR was Nerfed what are the arguments/reasons for nerfing it? I hear people saying its OPed in the lobbies but if you die to an AR Close Range then its only fair because its doing its job just how the BR/DMR/CC do their jobs at medium and long range with Headshotting. The AR is going to lose accuracy and damage at medium range and won’t do anything at long range. AR vs DMR/BR close range should equal the AR coming out the victor right? I see many people every game rushing into battle in close and medium range situations with the BR and DMR expecting to win a gun battle but when they die to the AR they call it OP. What are the justifications for that?

If anything the AR has been buffed since Reach.

> If anything the AR has been buffed since Reach.

Damage-wise yes, accuracy still goes to -Yoink- really quick. The crosshair reset after releasing the trigger should be sped up so one can burst fire more with less of an accuracy penalty.