Assault rifle is far too strong

I don’t think it’s far too strong, but I think the effective range (or maybe the spread or bloom?) is an issue, but I think the bigger issue with the AR is that, maybe outside of SWAT, it outclasses the Commando completely.

Either the Commando needs to become better, or the AR needs to be toned down a tad. I’d agree with others that there are plenty of guns that can outshine the AR, but something just doesn’t feel quite right about it.

The AR feels like it was balanced for BTB or the larger 4v4 maps, not for the tiny maps. On Bazaar there is not really a reason to ever pick up a BR and definitely no reason to pick up the Commando. Same for Live Fire and Streets. Aquarius and Recharge are the only maps that feel right IMO.

Totally disagree. It’s good but not amazing. It’s refreshing to actually have an AR that does something at a range of rather than 10 feet in a Halo game.

Basically, all the weapons are ok just how they are. Except for the Plasma Weapons, Bulldog Shotgun, and Heatwave. The only reason why most of you in the Halo Community want buffs or nerfs to the BR and AR is because you are used to playing a certain way of gameplay from playing MCC for so long as well as the classic Halo games. In those games the weapons were never balance against each other for the entire sandbox of each game. Which made the games stale and boring over a certain amount of time.

Most of the Halo Community doesn’t even know this but 343i isn’t releasing any more mainstream Halo Titles for 10 years. So, changing weapons that will destroy the weapon sandbox at the very beginning of the game isn’t a smart thing to do. Unless you want people to disappear from Halo to play some other game in the future.

It’s not Too strong.
Someone made a post here about the TTK of the AR, Sidekick and BR
And the side kick out DPS’s the AR.

I just think a lot of people right now cannot cope that the BR is not the go to king of all weapons anymore.

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I think this is 100% accurate. The BR is still the preferable weapon at mid-long range if you can use it, but people are struggling with the fact that it’s not all-dominant anymore and the AR can make life more difficult than ever before.

In the video posted by this guy the Side kick has a TTK of 1.05. and the AR has 1.16. So the guy is not wrong for saying that he can out gun an AR with his sidekick.

FOV slider does this.

I think the AR is fine the way it is.

comando is a weaker pistol, the AR is better than the pistol because of the pistols bloom after the 5th shot doesnt land a head shot. The AR will win unless you get a perfect kill.

yes, but you have to be perfect. Thats the issue, the AR can miss 8 shots and still get the kill. The pistol cant miss 1 or the AR gets the kill. Thats the problem

AR is a low skill weapon. Takes 0 amount to use it.


dont tell people about this glitch.

Certainly some game modes I play such as oddball seem to be a bolt for the ball, nade and AR spam. Oh and if there is a hammer or blade as well. The thing I find is one in a 1v1 AR spam, if you are toe to toe then change to pistol early before reload. The pistol is a beast, even at range I have supported team mates and also killed players.

AR to Pistol is pretty sweet.

I will admit I have not played a Halo title since Halo 2 but I am having fun with how all weapons are at the moment. The thing that grinds me the most is melee LOL, just a fist feast in CQC.

At the end of the day the whole thing boils down to skill. A skilled player will outplay a BR and AR with the sidekick most of the time. Similar to how the Sniper is god tier in the right hands while being absolutely useless in mine.

I believe the AR take at least 20,000 IQ to use based on a large amount of players online who were either or my team or not.