What’s everyone’s views on the assault rifle is it too POWERFUL?
I’ve beaten many players who have had a battle rifle at mid-short range…
I personally think it should nerfed just slightly


It probably needs a nerf, it’s a good counter against pretty much most weapons in the sandbox.


Yeah it’s kinda like the MAW gun just don’t shoot as fast
Maybe they should try to make it less accurate at mid to long range


The AR is fine as it is. It’s meant to beat the BR in short to shortish mid range. BR is a mid range weapon and will beat the AR at that rage. They have already nerfed the AR a bit, it was perfect during the technical test.


It requirs the least skillout of all the weapaons in the sandbox an as such, shouldn’t be on equal footing, balance wise.

Deffo needs a very small nerf to range and/or spread IMO


It is perfect as it is, they just have to turn up the power of the BR.


The BR since h2c was a 4 shot has always been


You could have a very skilled player on halo get beaten by someone with an assault riffle who has just started the game
Okay keep the same power but it should be short range
Not mid range or long


Yeah just something slightly changed

It’s a real beast and it’s a problem! The one good thing is that in competitive, it’s a pickup that I actively WANT. But that’s… Also kind of a bad thing!

My general way of handling the AR is as follows.

Reduce Rate of Fire
Reduce Magazine Capacity
Increase Damage to compensate for both of these things.
Remove Headshot Multiplier.
Adjust recoil and bloom as necessary, upwards or downwards.

If it does more shot and the same no matter where it hits? The perfect TTK is the perfect TTK, and it should be a good TTK. But firing fewer shots makes missing that much more punishing. The volume at which you can vomit out shots also makes it a way, way too good long range suppression tool.

Basically, it needs to be a CQB monster. But not the absolutely ravenous monster it once was in the previous flight, or the way too good one it is now. It is VERY CLOSE to balanced, but just iiiiiisn’t quite there yet.


It’s not too powerful.
The sidekick has a faster TTK than the AR.
At max you can kill 2 people (rare you have to count the bullets shot for this to happen) before reloading.
Other weapons being bad does not mean the AR needs a nerf, it means those guns need a buff.
It’s current TTK keeps matches from becoming BR spawn kill fests.

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Its an assault rifle not an smg, its doing its job. Br has been king far to long and can still counter an ar if your aim is true. Honestly I’ll get flak for this, but the two shouldn’t have ever been in a game together. The dmr makes sense, larger caliber and slower fire rate for its punch. But the assault rifle and br should have been rolled into one, benefiting those who patiently burst fire.

Instead we get to many new guns feeling like tweaked versions of each other depending on design, and everyone scrambles for a meta weapon instead. What kills faster vs mastering the mainstay to kill faster. Instead of a weapon of versatility we get multiple weapons with one always beating out the other or having demand for one always being subpar.

I’d be more ok with it if it didn’t have the ability to cross-map targets. Picking up another weapon just seems silly. If you want to play with the BR you play ranked because if AR’s are plentiful the BR can’t compete. BR starts are the only thing that’s currently making that play style possible.

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At short range I’m fine with the AR having an advantage. But right now the AR has the advantage almost always, it objectively feels like the better weapon. It needs nerfing.


That’s… the point? The BR isn’t a short range weapon.


it needs a nerf to its RRR and DMG
it needs a nerf to its RRR and get rid of the headshot multiplier


Except the very skilled player (not me) would identify what weapon his opponent has and then optimise the engagement range to give them the advantage.

The assault rifle and the battle rifle have two separate niches, the battle rifle is a tactical rifle whose role isn’t to win short-mid range engagements. Both weapons are fine with their current settings. Pick a different engagement.

Maps are small enough to force closer engagements. Your arguement is a straw man. AR has too much range or not enough bloom for a spray and pray. It should have fast bloom and fast bloom recovery to force shot pacing to limit its effective ranged dps.

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Just fire rate cause it haz a delay, on the burst, that what it need. The M4 it’s fine, thats how an Ar need to be. :ok_hand:t2::sunglasses: