Assault Rifle Aesthetics

As we know, the new assault rifle, the MA5D, is visually similar to Halo 3’s MA5C, not Reach’s more skeletal MA37. Which aesthetics do you prefer? Im just curious to see what the majority thinks, thanks!

MA5C (Halo 3)

MA37 (Reach)

MA5D (Halo 4)

I didn’t like Reach’s Assault Rifle. Too lumpy.

I liked the clean, sleek AR from Halo 3. It’ll probably look even better in Halo 4 with more detail, but no outcrops on the rifle.

I like the reach AR more than the Ar from halo 3 tbh. But i will have to wait to actually see the H4 Ar ingame.

MA37 is the Army line of AR. I liked its looks and handling better than the MA5C though.

The D looks like an evolution of the C, which is about right. Perhaps a bit too similar though.

Definitely not the hideous Reach model.

Halo 4 model > Halo 3 model >>>>> Halo Reach model.

I like both looks. The AR in Reach looked primitive as it should and I enjoyed that.

I think the assault rifle in Halo 4 seems to be a mix between the rifles from H3 and H Reach.

Halo 4 AR definitely. I like the clean, sleek look to it. They also said that it is more beastly so I’m really excited to see how powerful it will be.

Halo 4’s looks the best. It just gives the AR that futuristic look.

As long as it doesn’t sound like a toy gun of Halo 3 Ar, and sounds more beastly than the Halo Reach Ar, I’m good with how it is.

Anyone else think that the CE AR had more texture than H3? It looked scratched up and made of steel vs halo 3’s plastic-looking AR.

But regardless, ar list for me goes as following:

H4 > CEA > HR > CE > H3

> Definitely not the hideous Reach model.

The Halo 4 model looks great.