Assault Rifle, Accuracy and Full Auto

I just got the game three days ago, so forgive my ignorance.

It just seems to me that the Assault Rifle has become a lot more accurate when firing full-auto.
I’d like to think in both Halo 3 and Reach you could not just go full-auto and expect to hit anything except for very close range, and people/devs said you had to burst fire to keep hitting people, and that burst-fire would beat full-auto except for very-close range any day.
In H4 it seems to have a lot less spread (or bloom or whatever you want to call it) even when emptying a complete magazine, the accuracy still quite good even at middle distance.
I especially noticed this when compared to the other two full-auto weapons, where the Suppressor in particular behaves much like I expected the AR to behave when it comes to continuous full-auto fire, forcing you to burst fire even at close ranges.

Maybe I just remember things incorrectly… but do I?

Bullet Magnetism

Don’t use the AR it just simply will not compete with a DMR. Unless you’re right next to him. Surpressor is better than AR close range due to rate of fire. The AR does shoot far though I’ve noticed; probably that magnetism^


It has a little bit smaller spread and does just a bit more damage (16 bullets to kill I think)

2 burst then full auto at close range will help you save a few bullets. Only at mid range, burst only then switch to magnum.

Thanks for the tips. Which was not the point, but still, thanks for the tips.

I was more wondering if the AR is indeed more accurate on full-auto than it used to be in previous games, as well as more accurate at medium ranges on full-auto as the other two full-auto starting weapons. Which seems to be the case.

Apparently, a huge factor in this is also the Host Lag, i.e. who is the host. I just had a Team Regicide match where the Suppressor was ridiculously effective for me.

I’m not good. I’m not even decent. If I do positive in a match, I feel lucky. If I play a match of 3 (including me) vs 4, we win with twice the points, and I go 21-3 something is ridiculously wrong.

I do get a little frustated when I get beat by someone crouching with the AR and I use the BR. But my point is that the AR needs to be tuned down in power a little.