Assault Playlist

What happened to one bomb in Halo multiplayer. Some of my best memories from the past games came from assault or neutral bomb. I know most of the maps are symmetrical, but I can imagine one bomb on Longbow, Ragnorok, and maybe even Complex. What do you guys think should they bring back an assault or neutral bomb playlist in the future?

I like Assault, but idk if it’s popular enough to merit it’s own playlist. But it should definitely be included somehow.

Assault isn’t a gametype in Halo 4.

I say bring it back. Especially one bomb. I loved any playlist that created an offense and defense game.

> Assault isn’t a gametype in Halo 4.

Check custom games people.

I would be fine with CTF being replaced with a playlist that offers CTF and Assault.

I loved those gametypes. Unfortunately objective is unpopular already, and Halo 4 has a relatively low initial population to start with. I don’t know if putting it in is very feasible.

If damn Regicide merits its own playlist Assault should!

Im even thinking about the possibility of a playlist just for objective based games, like big team objective and/or just team objective. I mostly want to play a mix of oddball, CTF, KotH, and Dominion. I never really just stay in one playlist. But a playlist just for team objective based games could improve the population versus splitting all the game types up into their own playlists. Just an idea.

> Assault isn’t a gametype in Halo 4.

Because the dumb -Yoinks!- can’t get the timer for the bomb to work.