Assault Ops BUG

My assault ops is reading one less than it should - it appears assault op 1 on Mission A-1 is bugged as it how’s me at 38/3 grunts killed with a grenade - all other ops I have obtained are working. Anyone else with this issue?

The assault ops are bugged, currently the achievement for them is unobtainable hopefulyl 343I will fix this issue.

I just encountered this issue too. I’m showing 285/20 on A-1 for “Kill 20 Elite Minors” and now I’m scared to try the other challenges, don’t want it to glitch out the achievement. I sunk a bunch of time in yesterday, which is an extra bummer. Went to bed with 75/90 complete, started the game up tonight with 74/90 and found that that specific op was not registering. The completion bar extends past the 100% marker. So frustrating. I was really enjoying the game too. OCD is sort of tainting that now though.

Hi all got the same bug to mission A1
65/50 sidearm slaughter
82/3 warm up the pitching arm
Both not showing up has complete 88 out of 90
Come on 343 fix the bugs please

Is this across all platforms or just Xbox One?

The same problem on Xbox 360

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