With Halo Reach, we saw the first assassinations in Halo history.

I would like to see assassinations in Halo Infinite too - but…


Many of the assassinations in Halo 5 look waaaay to unrealistic and- sorry for sayin’ just childish…

I would like to see really good assassinations. Couldn’t be that hard to see whats in the internet.

What do you think?

I think some Halo 5 assassinations looked silly, a bit more blood and gore would have been better imo. I don’t mind them, but I also wouldn’t be too bothered if they were dropped.

I’m ok with them adding whatever assassinations they want as long as they keep the option to disable them. I actually liked some of the outlandish assassinations because they were so ludicrous

Yeah I liked them all but I think the best one is still the default style because of it being the fastest one.

A lot of them looked almost the exact same.

They definitely should bring assassinations back they have been the standard since Reach and every main line Halo has featuring them so I do hope they return.

Maybe there could be multiple lists like assassinations including such animations that include fast and efficient kills with knife or otherwise something like snapping a neck or such, these could be silent as in people wouldnt see them on minimap and such. Obviously this would also not alert enemies in campaign.

Then there could be something like brutalizations that could include those ridiculous or overboard looking animations like the ones using thrusters or such animations that are way too theatrical to be silent like backbreaker. These could be seen on minimap with perhaps a little reduced range aand in campaign would alert nearby troops usually ending with domino effect.

Then there could be also something like executions that could use more wide range of weapons and guns in Halo. These could have a chance to use ammo and would show on minimap and would alert enemy forces as gunfire normally does.

There should also be subsections for default, running, jumping, air and such animations for variety.

Otherwise, i would be fine with Halo: Reach style system with assassination animation depending on which part of the enemy you aim at and which angle are you assassinating from in relation to your opponent.

But if its the first thing, then there could be some playlists that could include only the assassinations like SWAT style playlists or playlists for those who like to play more militaristic style matches.
Otherwise there could be some wacky playlists that could include only btutalization or such animations to give an option.

Though wide variety of assassinations wouldnt be a priority for me or assassinations for that matter.

TBH Im okay with most of the current ones…though I would LOVE a return to the Reach style of it where you get a different assasination depending on what position your in, rather than one specific one that you get out of a loot box.
Sure, you can have the unlockable ones, but do it through something that isnt RNG.
Like…kinda how you got the executions for weapons in Gears of War 3 I think. But maybe not with weapons specifically, but the assasinations themselves? I’ll keep thinking.
Also, some kind of curb stomp would be nice. We have get down, which is pretty close, but its not quite the same.
More than one assasination for various melee and objective weapons too. Let me impale someone with the spike on my gravity hammer for example. Or so that cool chest-ram from Reach with the sword
And maybe one where you yank out your sidearm and just empty the magazine under the enemy’s helmet?

I like all the ridiculous assassinations. But if they opted for more realism for Infinite assassinations I wouldn’t mind, I like those too.