I’ve been playing for about a month and i for some reason CANNOT assassinate anyone. I have it enabled and i have tried multiple times to go behind someone and meleeing them. Everytime i do that i just get the beat down… Is there some prerequisites i should know about ? Certain Technique ? Any help would be great !

hold the button

Try the cupcake combo, sorry I couldn’t resist.
If you have a different assassination animation, try it.

Radix is right, you have to hold the melee button when hitting the opponent in the back. Only then you’ll perform an assassination.

For some reason in halo 5 unlike halo 4 and Halo reach if they are on an incline you most like won’t get it and if you have an assassination selected depending on the one where you are matters. I get assassinations a lot but when I first started playing Spartan charge and ground pound always got in the way. If you sprinting behind someone when you get close enough thrust forward and it will cancel your Spartan charge with ground pound though it’s very unlikely you’ll only get a beat down because when you hold down the melee button you go in to ground but if you tap it you’ll get a beat down hope this helps

Yeah it’s holding the button…just learned that yesterday and have gotten 4 subsequently

Sry but how the hell do you not know to hold the button?