I have 19 assassinations. O_O

Keep up the great work Spartan!

That’s like my visors. One day I saw a thread saying that the guy wanted 3 visors and he most had all but them. I get on for a few matches, open a pack and get 2 of the 3 that the guy wanted.

congratz, i have all of them, not sure how many there is lol. My favorite’s are lawn dart and back breaker.

I have 16 I think.

I have most but I like a good ribbing. The knife spin and the throwing of the enemy following the kill seals the deal. Plus it is fast.

Cool. Just unlocked Lawn dart, its awesome! If only I could get an assassination kill without a team mate taking it!!

I like nice try

Backbreaker is the best, I like to pretend I’m bane

I have all of them. Back breaker and lawn dart are my favorite. Not really impressed with the mythic ones.

Depending on mood, I use 104 ways to die or lawn dart. 104 is my favorite.