Assassinations are cool but i wish they meant more

I have always had mixed feelings about assassinations in halo. First off, they look real cool. It’s nice to have a better representation of “you’re taking this guy unawares” besides them simply dying in one normal-looking hit. But it’s an optional animation, which makes it feel a bit like in-universe a normal backsmack still kills for no reason, it’s just that your character can choose to toy with their enemies for no reason.

I think melee combat is one of the areas of halo that is still the least interesting and most clumsy, and i think it would be nice if revamping it were used as an excuse to make assassinations a bigger deal: if normal melees could be blocked or clashed or simply did less damage, and assassination animations were slightly faster, there would be a justified reason for locking you into the animation: because getting a normal melee kill would be much more difficult so normal backsmacks would be too easy relatively.

I already kind of think of assassinations like this, but it’s a bit weird that i’m allowed to pick and choose rather than there being an actual choice made for me. It feels like they need to either make them a more codified part of the game or stop spending animation time on them, imo. I would be fine with the normal backsmack being the only one if they changed the normal first person melee hit animation when you got one, to make it feel like you’re actually hitting harder.