Assassination Medals

I recently commented on a post about new medals being added into Infinite’s multiplayer, and wanted to get a few opinions on my response. Here are my top picks for new Assassination medals to be used in Halo Infinite:

  1. “Malicious Intent”- Perform an Assassination on a player after following them for at least 5 seconds.
  2. “Blade in the Crowd”- Assassinate two players within a short time of each other.
  3. “Clever Girl”- Assassinate a player who is distracted by a teammate. (Probably not gonna happen, but still cool)
  4. “Grounded”- Assassinate a player who has recently jumped out of an air vehicle.
  5. “Who Needs Guns?”- Kill at least 5 players with an Assassination in one match.
  6. “Think Again!”- Assassinate a player who inflicted damage to you while you were performing an Assassination on another player.
  7. “Surgical”- Assassinate an enemy player who is ADS with a precision weapon.
  8. “High Ground”- Perform an Assassination on an enemy player after falling from a higher location.
  9. “Happy Hunting”- Kill the final player in an elimination gametype with an Assassination.
  10. “The Bigger They Are”- Assassinate a player who is using an Overshield.
  11. “Butcher”- Kill five players with Assassinations without dying.
  12. “The Ripper”- Eliminate ten opponents with an Assassination without dying.
  13. “Phantom”- Perform an Assassination while using Active Camouflage.
  14. “Pack Hunter”- Assassinate a player who is attacking a teammate while they are performing an Assassination.
  15. “I See You”- Perform an Assassination on a player who is using Active Camouflage.

I like these, especially numbers 1, 3, 5, 11 and 15.

I See You is a really good one. Also would be pretty hard to get, not impossible though since the camo’d person has their radar messed with as well.