Assassination Ideas!

“What’s This?”
It’s over there, keep looking! Wait, I found it!
You grab the Spartan’s shoulder and start pointing in the direction they’re looking. While they look for it, putting their hand over their visor in a horizontal manner, you stab them in the visor with a knife.

Are these supposed to bend this way?
Your Spartan shoulder charges the enemy into the ground, grabs both arms, and snaps them by pulling them in a direction they don’t normally go, proceed to do the same to their legs, then snap their neck in a 180 degree turn.

“Here, Hold This.”
I’ll come back for it. Eventually.
Tackle the enemy into the ground, and beat them in a similar manner to Fisticuffs until their barely concious. Then put a frag into their hands. They look up, and it explodes as you slowly walk away.

A magician never reveals their secrets, why should I?
Tap the enemy’s shoulder and show them one of each grenade in your hands. Proceed to do a little magic trick making them disappear. They’ll reappear in your enemy’s hands and explode.

"Look What I Found!’
Does this belong to you?
Slide into the enemy, knocking them over onto their back. Proceed to stab their joints for their arms and legs. Then use both hands to drive the knife into their visor.

“I Care”
I really don’t.
Stab their spine, and as they fall onto the floor, stick a plasma nade onto their visor. Results in a fiery death.

It’s a great game.
Toss a random grenade at the enemy, then shoot their shoulder with a magnum. They’ll turn around, see the nade and catch it. It proceeds to explode.

What’s this and magic are so funny! They don’t make much sense to hard core spartan soldiers, but that’s the fun! Why not get some humor like that ya know?

I like those ideas, pretty funny :slight_smile:
Ive had an assassination idea where you tap a Spartan on the opposite shoulder to where you are, they look the wrong way, then when they turn back around you have a magnum to their head and fire.

I have an idea.
“Not So Sneaky”
Was that a ninja I saw?
Spartan A moves in behind Spartan B. Spartan B proceeds to attempt to ninja Spartan A but mid-ninja Spartan A grabs Spartan B’s leg and slams Spartan B to the ground with such force he bounces up and Spartan A kicks Spartan B in the head; killing him.

This idea comes from how many times I’ve been air assassinated mid-ninja.

Bayonet assassinations!

There’s some ideas in the thread I linked.:relaxed:

I like the idea of the last one, using Spartans reflexes against them lol