Assassination Ideas for Halo 4

Post your ideas for epic assassinations in Halo 4!

Mine would be with the energy sword (MP perhaps?) where you come up behind them and place your left hand on the left shoulder and stab them like this emiles death

Id like to see what we’d be dealing with before I make up some. Since we have no idea whether we’re going against Post-Covenant forces, Flood, Forerunners, Precursors, or something new entirely.

Here’s a few off the top of my head…

-Spartan A kicks Spartan B in the back of the knee, bringing Spartan B to their knees. Spartan A palms the visor of Spartan B, brings his head back slightly, and stabs him quickly in the neck.

-Spartan A punches Spartan B in the back, making Spartan B flail his arms and arch his back. Spartan A weaves over, sticks his arm underneath Spartan B’s arm and grasps his chest. Spartan A pulls backward, flipping Spartan B onto the ground and finishing him with a quick stab to the face as Spartan B hits the ground, all in one swift motion. (Similar to the Jackal assassination, but not exactly)

-Spartan A grabs the hand/forearm of Spartan B and spins them around. Before Spartan B has time to think, Spartan A uses his free hand to punch Spartan B in the face (while at the same time letting go to the forearm). When Spartan B brings his face back up to fight back, he is struck through the chin with Spartan A’s knife.

-(From the air) Spartan A lands on Spartan B, but instead of snapping his neck, he pulls out his knife and stabs Spartan B in the back of the skull.

-(Both in air) Spartan A grabs Spartan B’s shoulder area, pulls him backward, while giving himself the higher vantage point. Spartan A quickly punches Spartan B in the throat, sending him crashing to the ground. (This would be a quick motion, as they’re both in air)

-(Shotgun specific) Spartan A uses the butt of the shotgun to strike Spartan B in the lower back. The crushing blow makes Spartan B arch his back and fall to the ground on his hands and knees. Spartan A puts a foot on Spartan B’s back, aims the shotgun at his head and fires. Spartan B’s body falls to the ground quickly and lifelessly.

-(Sword specific) Spartan A grabs Spartan B’s shoulder, takes a step back, and runs the sword through Spartan B’s chest (all while holding onto his shoulder for leverage). Spartan A rips the sword upward, and tosses Spartan B’s body aside.

There’s just a few ideas for now. I’ll edit this if I come up with any really good ones. Also, I think all assassinations should be dealing with head/neck blows. None of this stabbing in the back/stomach stuff. That doesn’t kill people instantly.

Yea ive seen a thread like this one before. I want some guns to have their own assasinations. But not 1 i want them to have atleast 3 different moves.

<4 <343

Grav Hammer assassinations! The axe on the grav hammer that isn’t used for anything would make for epic assassinations!

Remember the scene in ODST where the Brute Chieftain hit Romeo in the chest with it? That’s just one possibility.

No assassinations, please.

I’d make assassinations quick and last 2 seconds at the most and there wouldn’t be a yoink medal.

Brute Shot: Takes brute show and slits throat with blade.

If you have ever seen the Red vs Blue season 9 preview , there is some quality gun assassainations in there .

I like these ideas

I like the idea of jamming a grenade into the armor of some unlucky Covenant and watch them go BOOM!

Assassinations are one aspect of Reach that should be made available in Halo 4.

Please, please, I beg of you 343, take out Yoinks. Or at least make it so the person who was yoinked gets the kill/an assist. I have no problem with the assassin being vulnerable to enemy fire, that’s a risk that you have to consider, but you shouldn’t have to consider if there are teammates around, and if they might be a yoink and yoink you. (c wut i did thar?)

A tackles B then constantly punches him and bashes his skull in.

A pulls out his knife, walks up behind B and slices his throat.

A pistol whips B in the back of the head, turns him around, forces him to his knees, and shoots him point blank.

A jams assault rifle into B’s lower back, and shoots as he raises his assault rifle, and it drills through B.

A constantly stabs B in the gut.

I would also like to see all elite assassinations transfer over to spartans if they dont return.

Also i would love to see damage done to the character, especially in one of these, see bullet holes through the visor, blood marks and stabs in the suit, etc.