assassination idea

Just wondering if it is possible to have a new assassination added to halo 4 war games?, like getting an assassination with the gravity hammer, that be awesome to see and do in some war games, its just a suggestion.


I don’t think it’s impossible to do, but I don’t think they will.

Unfortunately, I do not see 343 doing this in Halo 4. They would have to render all new actions and motions, test them endlessly to ensure it looks right and works properly, and then after taking a lot of time to make it work and implement it, people will just be begging for more unique assassinations with other weapons, to the point that normal assassinations would no longer happen and each weapon would be something different.

It would take too much time to implement into a post-release game, time they need to dedicate to other things, like Spartan Ops, bug fixes, map DLCs, Halo 5, etc. So no, probably won’t happen in Halo 4. HOWEVER, I would say this would be a cool idea and if anything comes up for Halo 5, like 343 asking what the community would like to see or whatever, I would say make this suggestion.

i was thinkin of dual assassinations the other day. this seems like a good place to mention. can you imagine a guy starting an assass, then a team mate coming from the front and performing the assass action, only to end up with the guy in back like, kicking the guy into his teammates-energy sword, boot to the face, uppercut? that would be nuts to try to accomplish in programming and gameplay, but if you could figure it out it would be pretty wild. give the second assass teammate not assist, but assass assist. like i said, tough to figure out, but you know the best players out there would be able to set that up regularly.

Thanks for your opinion guys.