Assassination glitch?

My apologies if this was posted before, I tried searching but kept receiving an error. In any case my question is in regards to assassinating. In most cases once an assassination is performed that kill is definite, unless a teammate or enemy intervenes. However, there have been instances where I’ve gone for the assassination, pulled him in, and for some reason he’s released from my grip and can move again. I know an assassination was glitched in Reach and once performed they were automatically killed without an animation or they could move for a second before instantly dying. Is it the same case in Halo 4 only worse because they can somehow free themselves or is there a secret way to avoid it?

It’s the net code sometimes you get the kill sometimes the net code says none for you

It’s the latency problem, that lags you back as you never started the assassination. In a SWAT game I had to try 2 times assassinating a player, and both times he got free without any reason. At my third try a teammate of him killed me ._.

ANyway yes, it was much better in Reach, even if assassination was glitching the player was dieing anyway

Its Mostly due to lag had plenty of times where i assassinated then they broke free but i reassassinated them again…its usually lag but also happen sometimes because of incline…usually if the assassiantion is interrupted because of an object it will break assassination…so say if you assassinate on a ramp it is possible for your enemy to clip through the ramp and break your assassination animation and get free

Gotcha. Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it.