Assassination changes for Halo: Infinite

Assassinations have been around since Halo: Reach. While they are pretty cool, there are some bugs that really annoy me. So here is what I would like to see in Halo: infintite.

Stealing kills: I absolutely hate it when i am in the middle of assassinating someone, my teammate just goes and kills them for themselves. I am ate level 5 for assassinations and am at 30/50. But if it weren’t for my teammates, I would have much more! So I hope that they change this in Halo: Infinite.

Previewing assassinations: It would be cool if you got to preview assassinations in your spartan hub, so you know what they will be like or how you’re suppose to activate it. Like for some assassinations, you have to be moving.

Airssassination bugs: So an airssassination is when you assassinate in mid-air. But when I do that, it doesn’t usually activate for some reason. I just hope they fix that in the future.

So there you have it. Lemme know what changes you would wanna see for assassinations.

I say throw it all out! Revert to back smacking!

IMO, best way to combat combat kill stealing is to avoid doing it yourself!

Airsassination bugs are quite understandable; with the Ground Pound mapped to the melee button in H5, it’s actually kinda tricky to pull off an airsassination without winding up a Ground Pound or simply smacking your opponent in the back.